Important message from Dan and Phil

Hey guys!


Have you ever made a music video on your phone, webcam or camcorder? Now is your chance to get involved in our show!

Because our show will be fully streamed LIVE on the Radio 1 website every Sunday from 1900, we thought that while the songs are playing it'd be awesome to show music videos created by you! (It's a lot more interesting than just playing the artist's music videos)

So if you want to be in our radio show, get creative and make a music video for your favourite song! It can be anything! A creative epic masterpiece, a lip synching grandma, a tribute to your dog - anything you want, and to whatever song from the past 15 years.

Just make the video, upload it to your favourite video sharing website and send us a link to!

Or if you have already made a music video at any point in your life and you'd be happy to see it played in our show then just email us a link! We'd like as many as possible!

Lastly, it doesn't just have to be a music video! It can be LITERALLY ANY VIDEO that can be put to music. You don't even have to pick a song! Just make a video around 3 minutes 30 long so that we can apply it to any song. So go anywhere that your creativity takes you. It could be an an animation, a dance cover, a plasticine stop motion, an exploration of your inner mind. ANYTHING! Don't worry about it being the most polished video ever as we need as many as possible and the point is we want it to look home made.

There is no deadline but if you are under 16 we will need your parent's permission to use your video on our show. Please check our terms and conditions for more info.

Make sure you listen to our show and check out the Radio 1 Facebook and Twitter for more ways you can get involved - there will be loads of different opportunities for you to control our show like never before in the entire history of radio!

Thanks :D

Dan and Phil

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