One of the key aims of the Ten Pieces project is to encourage children to develop their own creative responses to the classical music they hear in the Ten Pieces film. A possible starting point is to get children to write a story or poem, or to paint a picture in response to the music. But we are particularly interested in 3 art forms, all of which can be showcased in a concert environment:

  1. Composition
  2. Digital art or animation
  3. Dance

What you can do next:

Autumn / Spring term (October 2014 - March 2015)

  • send the BBC short clips of children's creative output (by March 27th 2015) for possible inclusion on the website. Information about length, format and permissions that need to be in place will be available on this website soon.

Summer term onwards (April - July 2015)

  • hold your own celebratory Ten Pieces concert in your school or community – and take part in those held by Ten Pieces Champions, BBC Orchestras and BBC Singers (details will be added to the website in due course)
  • look out for children's creative responses from around the country that will be uploaded to the Ten Pieces website

Arts Award

Reasons to be involved

  • The project will help schools to deliver key aspects of the educational curriculum, including learning about the works of great composers, composing and performing
  • Endorsed by music and arts and education bodies
  • Opportunity to be part of an inspirational national BBC initiative
  • Access to free BBC educational resources
  • Opportunity to work in partnership with local arts and music organisations such as Music Education Hubs and Music Services, to enhance the work being done in the classroom
  • Participation will also develop children’s creativity, confidence and collaborative skills

Printable repertoire list

Download the Ten Pieces poster