Bake Off winner Nadiya & Christine's Allotment Frittata Recipe

Allotment Fritatta

Serves 3 or 4


100g new potatoes, skin on very thinly sliced (either by hand or mandolin)
4 tbsp olive oil for frying
3 large stalks of spring onion, thinly sliced
6 medium eggs
1 tbsp zatar, plus a little extra for the top
40g feta cheese, crumbled
1 green chilli, chopped finely (take out seeds if you want less heat)
Large handful of coriander, chopped
Salt to taste


Heat the grill.
Slice the potatoes really fine, the finer they are the quicker they will cook.
Turn on the stove and place the frying pan on top. Drizzle over the oil.
Add the chopped spring onions and fry for a few minutes till they have softened nicely.
In a bowl crack the eggs and whisk, add zatar, add the crumbled feta, chilli coriander and potato. Season with some salt but not too much as the feta is already quite salty.
Mix through and add the whole lot to the frying pan, cook for a few minutes and then leave to cook under a grill for about 6-7 minutes till the top is golden brown.
Take out from under the grill and sprinkle with a little extra zatar and serve.

I like to serve it with a simple garden salad if it’s for lunch or just as if it’s for breakfast.

Equipment list

9 inch non-stick oven safe frying pan
Chopping board
Large bowls
Cooking stove