Undead Liberation Army

The Undead Liberation Army, or ULA, is an extremist group founded by anonymous figure-head, the Undead Prophet. The Undead Prophet believes the First Rising was ordained by God, and it’s the ULA’s job to end all PDS persecution. He disseminates his word through an encrypted website, uploading videos stating his beliefs, encouraging PDS Sufferers to join the resistance movement – and distributing fatal Blue Oblivion.

The website has spread like wildfire, attracting bored kids and diehard supporters alike - the most dedicated of whom have joined ULA communes across the country. These communes are run by the Undead Prophet’s twelve disciples and one such follower is Amy Dyer.

The ULA has deliberately set itself apart from government sanctioned PDS groups, finding them to be apologetic and weak. Far from being sorry, the ULA believe the Undead – or Redeemed – are a far superior race…

The Living may strive to live good, moral lives, but they have a fatal flaw: the fear of death. The ULA want the flawless Redeemed to be proud of who they are; they shouldn’t have to pretend to be Living, hiding under make-up and contact lenses.

However, there is a darker side to the ULA’s mission, and after a number of fatally violent Blue Oblivion attacks on the public, these extremists are growing in notoriety.

As well as protecting the Redeemed, the upper echelons of the ULA have another goal: to instigate a Second Rising. They believe this will herald the rising of a perfect new breed of Undead, which will rid the world of the Living once and for all.

And the Undead Prophet believes the key to the Second Rising lies in Roarton…

“We’re gonna change things around here”

Simon Monroe

“All the Redeemed are special”

Amy Dyer