Owen Brenman interview

We caught up with the actor and director to talk about directing for a fourth time...

This is your fourth time in the director’s chair…

It never gets easier, but it went very well. There is a great team on Doctors and I had very interesting storylines and some new characters to introduce to the show.

I started a dramatic new storyline for Lorna (Mrs Tembe) who befriends a down-and-out called Josh (Matthew Wait). Having prevented him throwing himself off the church roof, Josh confesses to a shocking crime but she feels compelled to befriend him despite her gut instincts.

You also directed Jessica Regan’s (Niamh Donoghue) first scenes. Being the ‘new boy’ yourself a few years ago, how did you help?

It’s hard for any actor coming into an established long-running show as everyone knows each other very well and have been working together for such a long time. As a newcomer, you may be naturally nervous about whether you are getting it right. All the cast and crew were incredibly supportive and it’s also great to have a new character that we can all play off.

Any plans to direct any other shows?

I would love to but it’s very hard when I am still acting in Doctors. I love directing as it uses a different part of your brain. You are responsible for everything, but as an actor you just have your own performance to worry about.

I’m also writing some comedy around the process of making the show and have had some great feedback so far, so fingers crossed!

Anything interesting coming up for Heston?

There is, funnily enough! Heston buys Julia’s house - which coincides with a sense of paranoia. He worries people may be breaking into his house and he is hearing noises in the attic and becomes obsessed with it. You have to watch and see what happens, but all I can say is it is an interesting, exciting story with lots of twists and turns.

Are you excited about the British Soap Awards?

Definitely. it’s great for us as a show to present our very best clips to a wider, primetime audience - and if we win that’s a bonus. I’m sure there will be a good party too.

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