Who's who at the BBC National Orchestra of Wales

Lesley Hatfield Leader

Nick Whiting Associate Leader


Gwenllian Hâf MacDonald

Terry Porteus

Suzanne Casey

Richard Newington

Paul Mann

Robert Bird

Carmel Barber

Kerry Gordon-Smith

Emilie Godden

Anna Cleworth


Naomi Thomas Section Principal

Jane Sinclair Assistant Principal

Ros Butler/Katie Harris

Sheila Smith

Vickie Ringguth

Joseph Williams

Michael Topping

Margot Leadbeater

Katherine Miller

Beverley Wescott

Debbie Frost

Sellena Leony

Rebecca Jones Section Principal

Alex Thorndike Assistant Principal


Peter Taylor

David McKelvay

Sarah Chapman

James Drummond

Ania Leadbeater

Robert Gibbons

Catherine Palmer

Laura Sinnerton

Alice Neary Section Principal

Keith Hewitt Assistant Principal

Jessica Feaver/Robyn Austin

Sandy Bartai

Margaret Downie

Carolyn Hewitt

Kathryn Harris

Rachel Ford

David Stark Section Principal

Appointment in progress Assistant Principal

Christopher Wescott

Richard Gibbons

Tim Older

Claire Whitson

Matthew Featherstone Section Principal

John Hall

Appointment in progress Section Principal

Amy McKean

Sarah-Jayne Porsmoguer

Sarah-Jayne Porsmoguer Principal

Robert Plane Section Principal

John Cooper

Lenny Sayers

Lenny Sayers Principal

Jarosƚaw Augustyniak Section Principal

Martin Bowen

David Buckland

David Buckland Principal

Tim Thorpe Section Principal

Meilyr Hughes

Neil Shewan

William Haskins


Philippe Schartz Section Principal

Robert Samuel

Andy Everton Principal

Donal Bannister Section Principal

Phil Goodwin

Darren Smith Principal

Daniel Trodden Principal

Steve Barnard Section Principal

Chris Stock Section Principal

Mark Walker Principal

Valerie Aldrich-Smith Principal

Director: Michael Garvey

Assistant to Director and SMT: Mary Bateman

Orchestra Manager: Zoe Poyser

Artistic Planning Manager: Meurig Bowen

Producer: Dean Craven

Orchestra Co-ordinator, Operations: Kevin Myers

Orchestra Co-ordinator, Operations (part time): Katie Thomas

Stage Manager: Andrew Smith

Transport Manager: Mark Terrell

Artists and Projects Manager: Victoria Massocchi

Orchestra Co-ordinator, Broadcast: Mike Sims

Orchestra Co-ordinator, Library: Eugene Monteith

Head of Marketing & Communications: Sarah Horner

Marketing & Audiences Manager: Jodi Bennett

Orchestra Co-ordinator, Marketing: Amy Campbell

Communications Executive: Jo Marriott

Audience Line Operator: Nerys Lloyd-Evans

Audience Line Operator: Margarita Felices

Head of Partnerships & Learning: Suzanne Hay

Orchestra Co-ordinator, Partnerships & Learning: Peggy Holder

Chorus Manager: Osian Rowlands

Senior Audio Supervisor: Huw Thomas

Production Business Manager: Lisa Blofeld

Tel: 0800 052 1812

Fax: 0292 055 9721