12 Live Lounge Christmas covers to give you all the festive feels

It’s December which can only mean one thing, a barrage of Christmas music is coming your way, and while we love all the classics, there’s nothing we love more than a classic with a twist.

We've had our fair share of Christmas covers in the Live Lounge over the years. Here’s 12 of our favourite - and one special performance that might just kill all the festive joy you've ever felt. Sorry in advance about that.

London Grammar - White Christmas

Best known for the Bing Crosby version, London Grammar's faultless cover of this Christmas classic in 2017 was so powerful it could stop Santa in his tracks. It's the strings, we're a sucker for strings. That, and singer Hannah's incredible vocals of course.

Sam Smith - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Sam Smith went way back to 1944 for his Christmas cover, performing a cover of Judy Garland's iconic and much-covered Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas in 2017. Like the man himself, the performance was sensitive, soulful and as classy as a freshly polished bauble.

The xx - Last Christmas

Last Christmas is quite a sad song, it's just we're usually too busy thinking about mince pies and tinsel to notice it. But when The xx performed the Wham! classic in the Live Lounge in 2012, they wrung every drop of emotion out of it. Stripping away the Eighties production and laying on gloomy, minimal synths The xx made something quite spectacular and fresh out of a song the nation knows inside out.

Ed Sheeran and Anne-Marie - Fairytale Of New York

Fairytale Of New York is a tough nut to crack, as it is considered by many people to be the greatest Christmas song of all time. But if there was one star who could pull it off, it's Ed Sheeran - even if he admitted before the performance he was worried about how people would react. He was joined by Anne-Marie for the performance and after a few lyrical tweaks (lets be honest, the original is politically incorrect to say the least), he proved his worries were entirely unfounded.

Gorgon City - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Arguably one of the greatest Christmas songs of all time, Darlene Love's Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) was first released in 1963 and has since been covered by Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé, Little Mix and many other Christmas kings and queens in its 54 years. So it's a brave move to cover such a well-known and well-covered classic, but Gorgon City did themselves proud when they put an electronic twist on the soulful standard. The stunning vocals from singer Lulu James and an inspired trumpet solo make this performance something truly special. Oh, and wait around for the surprise ending. Trust us, it's worth it.

Rita Ora - Last Christmas

Wearing a George Michael t-shirt in tribute to the Wham! star, Rita Ora put a pop twist on this deceptively miserable Christmas classic when she kicked off Radio 1's 2017 festive Live Lounge week. We especially love her shout out to vegan listeners, wishing them all a 'happy Vegan Christmas'. A forgotten minority at this time of year, we're sure you agree.

Olly Murs - Lonely This Christmas

When Olly Murs visited the Live Lounge in December 2016, he performed what is arguably the most depressing Christmas song of all time. Lonely This Christmas was originally released in 1974 by seventies glam-rock band Mud and has become a festive favourite in the years since - despite being thoroughly bleak.

Rae Morris - Stay Another Day

We've still got a soft spot for Rae Morris' Christmas cover of East 17's Stay Another Day that she performed for us way back when in 2014. Especially the part where she mixed the pop classic with Silent Night. Not enough carols are sung in the Live Lounge. Rae has the perfect voice for both of these songs, and this performance gives us chills in all the right places.

Hozier - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

It's true that too few Christmas carols are sung in the Live Lounge, but that's not to say it doesn't happen. Hozier took us to church with his performance of this religious classic.

Jake Bugg - Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

It takes a brave star to cover anything recorded by anyone who was in The Beatles, but Jake Bugg has never struck us as anything but brave. His folksy cover of John Lennon's Happy Christmas (War Is Over) has all the hallmarks of Jake's spiky indie pop sounds but also keeps the powerful spirit of the original. Here's to an indie Christmas for us all.

Rag'n'Bone Man - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Rag'n'Bone Man lending his big, soulful voice to a beautiful cover of 1950s hit It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas. What could be magical? He even wore a Father Christmas outfit, sending our levels of festive goodwill and cheer well and truly off the charts.

BONUS! Slaves - Last Christmas

This isn't one to put on the stereo with your Christmas dinner - unless you've got punks in the family. We love Slaves' cover of Last Christmas, but it gives us very different feels than we get from the likes of The xx or Rae Morris. We'd love to see what happens at Slave's house on Christmas morning.