Voting Terms and Conditions

Read on to find out more about the show and to view the voting terms and conditions.

The Show

Each week our magicians will team up with a celebrity partner to perform a series of tricks and illusions. During the show, you will have the opportunity to vote for your favourite act and the magician/celebrity team who receive the lowest number of votes will be required to perform a “forfeit” at the end of the show.

You will be informed when the voting lines open and close. Please do not call before the lines have opened or after the lines have closed as your vote will not be counted and you may still be charged.

Once the lines have closed, all votes will be counted and verified by an independent adjudicator.

In the unlikely event that there is a tie between second and third position, the magician/celebrity team who have been voted in first position shall decide which act is going to perform the forfeit.

How You Can Vote

Voting is by telephone only. You cannot vote via SMS text, red button, email or via this website. Please do not call before the lines have opened or after the lines have closed as your vote will not be counted and you may still be charged.

The numbers to vote for each magician will be given out during the live show. Please note that these numbers will change from week to week. So please do not store numbers in your telephone.

Calls cost 15p from a BT landline, charges from other networks may vary. Please note that calls from mobiles will cost considerably more. Please always ask the bill payer’s permission before voting.

Premium Rate Number - 09015 22

Tariff - 15p from BT Land Line

o2 - 15ppc

Orange - 100ppc

T-mobile - 77ppc

Vodafone - 51ppc

3 - 36ppc

Virgin - 70ppc

ppc = Pence per Call.

This list above is provided for indicative purpose only. Information provided by mobile network operators 04/01/2014. For up to date information it is always advisable to check direct with your network operator.

If you are watching the show on BBC iPlayer, any other website, catch-up or “plus one” services, please do not vote as the lines will be closed, your vote will not be counted and you may still be charged.

Terms & Conditions

Voters must obtain permission from the bill payer before voting and voters under the age of 12 should obtain parent/guardian consent before voting. Make sure you dial carefully the number of the act you wish to vote for.

The vote is open to individuals calling from the United Kingdom and not to any agencies, businesses and/or companies.

The BBC and the producers of The Magicians, Shine TV, reserve the right to disqualify votes if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that fraudulent voting has occurred or if it considers there has been any deliberate attempt to manipulate the result.

There are a number of contingencies which could occur before or during each show, as with any other live television programme. Contingencies cover withdrawal of any celebrity, magician or presenter for health reasons or other unforeseen circumstances outside the control of the BBC and Shine TV. The remedial actions may include (but not be limited to) changing the format of the show, removing, substituting or adding celebrities and/or magicians and cancelling, suspending or altering voting at any time.

In the very unlikely event that there is a technical failure or problem with the vote which means that we are unable to retrieve the results, a pre-selected audience jury shall be asked to vote for their favourite act. The magician/celebrity team who receive the lowest number of votes from the audience jury shall be required to perform the “forfeit” at the end of the show.

For the purpose of verifying any claim for refunds for phone votes (where appropriate) or investigating possible voting irregularities, the BBC may need to request the network operator to disclose the telephone number that you are voting from. Please note that this will still be required where you have originally opted not to disclose your telephone number (caller’s line identification barring). If you do not agree to this, you should not vote.

Where such investigations are required, the BBC will only ever use your telephone number for the purposes of processing refunds or investigating possible voting irregularities and will not publish or provide it to anyone without permission, except where required for enforcement of these terms.

The BBC, its sub-contractors, subsidiaries and/or agencies cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for: (i) any technical failure or malfunction or any other problem with any telephone network or line, system, server, provider or otherwise which may result in any vote being lost or not properly registered or recorded; and (ii) any talent, including magicians and celebrity partners, leaving the show for any reason.

Please note that you cannot vote by email, red button, text or via this website. Voting is by telephone only.

The voting in this programme accords with the BBC’s Code of Conduct for Competitions and Voting, details of which can be found on the BBC’s Standards and Guidelines website.

Please note that if you are directly connected in any way with the production of the programme or the provision of telephony services to the programme you are not eligible to vote.

Voting FAQs

Q: Why have I have been charged more than 15p?

If your call was made from a BT landline then you will pay 15p per vote for voting in The Magicians. We state on screen and verbally that "other networks may vary, and calls from mobiles will cost considerably more" - this includes other landlines as well as calls made from mobile phones. Please check with your telephony provider for further details on your tariff.

Q: Why have I been charged outside the voting window?

We state clearly on-screen and verbally when the phone lines open, when voting is closed and that callers should wait until lines are open before casting their vote. There is a small chance that if you called outside the voting period that another network other than BT would charge for this call. If you have been charged, you should notify your service provider immediately.

Q: I was trying to call for (magician X) and got (magician Y) instead.

All voters are asked to be sure of the correct number and to dial carefully to register their vote.

The BBC, Shine TV and the telephony service provider have implemented a thorough testing schedule to ensure the voting lines are correct and the right audio message is playing. If you have a phonebill you can send us, we can check whether the number you called corresponds with the correct audio.

Q: I have been trying to vote, but keep getting the engaged tone.

The phonelines are very active throughout the UK when the vote window opens, some callers may experience the engaged tone - especially those in rural/remote areas. We recommend that you call back within a couple of minutes when the traffic through your local exchange would have subsided. Engaged tones are controlled at local telephone exchanges and are something that the BBC, Shine TV and the telephony service provider cannot control.

Q: I tried voting, but couldn't get through. Why?

Given the high volume of viewers and callers that some TV shows generate, it is possible for a very large number of people to pick up the phone simultaneously when the on-screen announcement is made. Sometimes this can cause some callers to get an engaged tone for short periods of time immediately after an on-screen announcement; however, any congestion tends to clear quite quickly.

Q: I have been trying to call but I receive a dead tone.

If, after dialling the first four digits of the number, you hear a dead tone, this means that you are premium rate barred and you should speak to your network operator about lifting the ban if you wish to vote on The Magicians.

Q: Can one magician’s number be constantly engaged and another magician’s number is free?

Like all the big shows, The Magicians uses a voting system where at least the first eight digits of the phone numbers are the same for all acts, with only the last few digits of the phone number changing depending on who you want to vote for.

As the telephone network only uses the first eight digits in a telephone number to route calls to the voting system, it is impossible for calls for different magicians to be treated differently.

Once calls reach the voting system they are answered in turn, on a first-come, first-served basis. Each answering point is instructed to accept votes for all acts. This means that your chance of getting through to vote will never depend on the magician you wish to vote for.