All commercial music used in the programme is from Poland - Polish bands, Polish musicians or artists who spent time in Poland

Warsaw Village Band

Combining a unique blend of traditional folk and modern music the Warsaw Village Band describe their sound as hardcore folk.

Percussionist Maciej Szajkowski explains they are inspired by host of different genres from jazz, classical music, punk rock, hard core, avant-garde, minimal, reggae, dub, DnB, hip-hop.

"We like all these kinds of music and, we are looking for inspiration in both contemporary music and traditional music."

Find out more on the Warsaw Village Band official website.

Poland Stories selected a number artists from or inspired by Poland, which helps to give a distinctive Polish sound to the programmes.

Poland Stories tracklist

Dukaty by Future Folk

Usual Happiness by Kroke

Return of the cyber men by Roland from Poland

Czarna Inez by Raz Dwa Trzy

Loopedoom by L.U.C.

Sounds of the vanishing world by Kroke

Ofiary Zapasci Teatru by Myslovitz

Rondo Vivace by Chopin

Lullaby for Kamilla by Nigel Kennedy and Kroke

Lost in time by Nigel Kennedy and Kroke

Eden by Nigel Kennedy and Kroke

I had a lover by Warsaw Village Band

Whoa, Bullocks, Whoa by Warsaw Village Band (Live performance)

Czytanka Dla Niegrzecznych by Myslovitz

Koniec Sztuki (Love Tone Mix) by Agressiva 69

Sculpture by Skalpel

Stop Calling Me by Oszibarack

Bzyk by Laki Lan

Polka From Sieradz Region by Warsaw Village Band

Pijak by Habakuk

Deszcz by Sidney Polak

Lat Mlodej Parze by Kayah & Bregovic