Titanic postcard

This postcard looks a very ordinary postcard, and it is printed on one side with a view of RMS Titanic in mid-ocean.

But as soon as you turn it over, you learn that it's a postcard that was sent just before the RMS Titanic set sail and it carries the name Jenkin.

Steven Jenkin was the current owner’s great-great-great uncle and he wrote the card at Queenstown before the Titanic set sail from its last port of call. The postcard says: "Dear Father and Mother, I've already sent you postcards from Southampton and from Cherbourg in France. I'm not seasick yet… it's a really nice ship to ride on and I'll write to you from New York, your loving son, Steven".

Tragically he never made it to New York. He was travelling on the doomed liner as part of a party of six. The three ladies in the party survived, but the three gentlemen all drowned. The postcard, a touching memento, would have a commercial value of around £3,000 today.

Did you know? The launch of Titanic in April 1912 was the crowning achievement of Belfast’s shipbuilding industry. It was the largest man-made object ever to have taken to the seas.

Did you know? The iceberg that sank Titanic originated in Greenland. It would have been up to a mile long, displacing around a billion tonnes of seawater.