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Do you have a feeling someone fancies you? They probably do, you're hot stuff! Find out how to tell if someone fancies you...

The way they act around you will give vital clues

Body language

Look at their body - all in the name of research obviously. The way they act around you can give vital clues to the mystery of whether they fancy you or not.

Do they turn their body towards yours, even when you're in a big group? Do they make excuses to touch you? We're talking brushing arms and hugs here...

If the answer is 'yes' then they're seriously interested, even though they may not know it yet.


Do they get hot and bothered when you're around? If they blush, stumble over words or just generally come over slightly peculiar, they might as well be wearing a neon sign over their head saying, 'I fancy you'. Yes YOU!

Actions speak louder than words

People can be pretty bad at 'fessing up to the person they fancy. You'll have to do some detective work and look out for the (none too subtle) clues.

On the plus side, these signs include them being nice to you, offering to do things for you or asking you to hang out with them and their mates.

Slightly more annoying signs are them showing off in front of you and teasing you mercilessly. Take it as a compliment, they want you.

It's not their fault. You're irresistable

They want to know what you're up to 24/7. If you're not around, they're giving their mates the third degree. When you are around it's a constant blitz of calls, texts and DMs.

Try not to get too irritated. They just want to get to know you better and check out whether they've got any competition. And in case you were in any doubt by now - yes, they definitely think you're hot.

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