32 ways to cheer yourself up

Somehow we're over half way through the year, the nights are rapidly drawing in and yes, winter is coming. Dun dun dunnnnn. But there's no need to panic or feel blue. Radio 4 in Four presents 32 reasons why you can still be cheerful. It's time to take control and stride forth with purpose. Here's how you can get started right now...

1. It might as well have been scientifically proven that there is nothing that a good box set can't fix.

2. Improve your dance moves and really let yourself go with the rhythms. Funky chicken.

3. Chances are that you'll share your birthday with someone in your friendship group, so you can save money with a joint party. Wahey!

4. Cash flow problems? You can use mathematics to beat the lottery.

5. Spice up your life by not taking the seeds out of your chillis (go carefully).

6. There's always something you can do to get an edge on your opponent. But remember, it's not always the winning that counts.

7. Neuroscientists have broken down exactly what makes somebody a good person. These are the character traits. Just FYI.

8. The Danes have got happiness covered with their concept of hygge. It involves lighting candles, eating slices of cake and treating yourself. It's basically your birthday every day. Find out more.

9. Fed up of the day job? Diversify! Take a leaf out of super heavyweight boxer Joe Joyce's book as he trained in Fine Art and now is also a painter in his spare time.

10. Chin up. There is a huge gap between the sex we are told to expect and the sex most of us actually have. Rachel Hills explains more.

11. If taking up a new sport sounds a bit much, you could always try golf. What is it about hitting a ball with a stick that is so compelling?

12. Time to get a good grasp of your finances and switch bank accounts - we'd all be a bit better off if everybody changed.

13. Life could be worse. You could be an estate agent.

14. Will Self makes a very good case for not having to always act your age. Within reason.

15. You don't have to travel far to have a good time. Staycations are a-ok.

16. Next time you go to order your usual drink, surprise yourself by channeling a Victorian hipster and having a real Eye Opener.

17. Drop meaningless daily tasks from your life. For instance, sorting your emails into folders - why make extra work for yourself when an algorithm can help you?

18. This camel will tell you a thing or two about what makes his daily life better.

19. The time is NOW for a new hobby - what about drawing?

20. If you're an estate agent, look on the bright side - you could work in Health and Safety.

21. You can be your own Time Lord. I'm being serious. Make time last longer by knowing a new technique.

22. More attention to detail. Practise and refine the art of making the perfect cup of tea.

23. Do you feel like people aren't listening to you? Use your voice to speak with authority and improve the way you come across.

24. Feeling the need to do something your friends will think is drastic? You could become a vegan. It's really quite easy and you can feel very smug about the health benefits.

25. Don't underestimate the importance of sleep. We could all do with a bit more of it, here are some tips.

26. Shock everybody by getting really ahead of yourself and sorting out Christmas. Here are this year's trends.

27. Simple advice on how to de-stress.

28. The way you react to disruptions can change your outlook on everything. Take things in your stride and turn things positive.

29. Fear not, hearing voices in your head could be a good thing.

30. Get the most out of your carrots.

31. Sit back and listen to four seasons in an oak woodland in four minutes. There. That's better.

32. We can all do something to improve our chances of success. Don't give up.

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