Some time ago we asked some of the Antiques Roadshow experts to reveal what antique or work of art they would most like to see at an Antiques Roadshow.

Ceramics specialist Steven Moore said he would love to see a piece of furniture designed by the painter Francis Bacon in the 1930s. Although it had been photographed at the time, and a few of his carpets have turned up on the market, his furniture has not.

At Stowe, Steven’s luck changed when a visitor brought a stool along to show the experts. She was directed straight to Steven Moore, who could not restrain his delight when he saw it.

The owner’s grandparents had bought it from Francis Bacon in August 1930 and it is now used on a daily basis as a desk stool. It was bought from a studio sale Bacon had, which was advertised in The Studio magazine. Although the stool looks very ordinary in many ways, it has great historical importance and as a result it would be worth between £10,000 and £15,000.

Did you know? Some of Francis Bacon’s most famous artworks are inspired by old masters, such as Head VI that is based on the 'Portrait Of Pope Innocent X' by the Spanish artist Diego Velazquez.