Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Game 30th Anniversary Edition Technical FAQ

The game is very particular about where is appears and some devices cramp its style. We'll be having some stern words with it about its workshy attitude, but in the meantime, try refreshing, or tapping on the screen to get its attention. If that doesn't work, try offering it something roomier.

Your computer has dozed off. You need to tap on the screen just by its cursor to wake it up.

You're using Firefox, aren't you? It seems that something in the game gives Firefox indigestion, we're working on making it more palatable. For now, may we recommend a change of browser?

In a case of hugely ironic bad timing, Radio 4 moved house this week. The old game was accidently packed up into a big box with all our other well-loved pieces of furniture so we’re just waiting for the moving van to turn up with it.

Newsflash! The Gaga Team found the old game down the back of the sofa, and have very kindly put it back here: 20th Anniversary Edition

Don't worry, they're safe. Over the last ten years you saved a total of 1/3 of a million games, so it'll take a bit of time to move them all over to the 30th Anniversary edition.

Let’s hope so.

Yes! You'll need to be signed into BBC iD, but you can then use the commands 'Save' and 'Restore' at any point in the game.

You've filled it up! It's full! (See above)

Complicated technical reasons.

Even more complicated technical reasons.

You’ve got an iPad, haven’t you?

It’s complicated. And technical. And because of the reason.

That's not a question.



After we've launched.

Yes. Or at least, by the time you read this we’ll have launched.

We’re working on it. And lots of other cool features too, that you haven’t even asked us about.

Full screen support on touch devices, a special portrait mode, auto-saving achievements, support for really ancient browsers, downloading saved games …

Shhh! We weren’t supposed to tell anyone about the new features.

You could try asking @h2g2game.