By Robert Jordan, aged 7

George was really puzzled. He had no ideas at all for his 500 Words entry. He really wanted to enter but could not come up with a single idea. He thought, and thought, and thought some more – but still nothing.

He decided to go for a walk to get some inspiration. It was a cold but bright day and the sky was clear blue. As George reached the park he heard the trees rustling in the breeze. Or was that the breeze? Maybe there was something in the bushes. George bent down to look but he couldn’t see anything. George got up and carried on his walk, not noticing the tiger that tip-toed out of the bushes behind him.

George reached the chip shop and realised he was hungry, so he popped in. There was already an old lady being served. She was very overdressed to be in a chip shop, George thought – she was even wearing a crown! And she’d brought her dogs with her, little yappy dogs that sniffed around George’s ankles. It was very odd. The old lady was taking ages and, strangely, the woman serving her seemed to be bowing. George got fed up of waiting and decided to go somewhere else, not noticing the two bodyguards outside the chip shop door.

Actually, when George checked his pockets he realised he was a bit low on cash, so he went to the bank. There was a big queue, although no-one seemed to be actually doing anything, just standing around with their hands up. There were two guys in black in the corner, with masks and pretend guns. “Must be ‘Dress as a Robber Day’ for Sport Relief”, thought George, and decided to leave.

As George only had 50p, he thought he’d go to the corner shop and buy some sweets. He looked around the shop at the delicious chocolate bars, chews and lollies. He finally chose a chocolate bar, paid the miserable-looking shopkeeper, and left the shop. He sat on a wall outside the shop and unwrapped his chocolate. As he did, a piece of shiny, golden paper fell out from underneath the normal wrapping. “That’s weird”, thought George, and shoved the paper in his pocket, thinking he would use it for craft at home.

By now, George had had enough. He’d walked all over town and still had no ideas. How was he supposed to come up with an imaginative story when he lived in a boring place where nothing ever happened? It was useless. George trudged home, still without any ideas, munching sadly on his chocolate bar. He noticed a police car outside the bank as he passed. “They’ll have a long wait when it’s so busy”, George thought.

He got home and got out his computer to type his story. He’d have to do something, even if it was boring. So he wrote a story about a sunflower called Jeffrey. It was dull but what else could he possibly have written about?!

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