We spoke to Ian Midlane, who plays new character Al Haskey in Doctors. Check out the interview!

Ian Midlane aka Al Haskey

Tell us about the character you play, Al Haskey?

Dr Al is a bit unconventional. He has fallen into health care after other things didn't work out for him. So even though he is very smart at diagnosing problems and has a vast knowledge of science, he doesn't have the emotional intelligence, organisation or interest in people that one might expect of a GP. But I do think that he has lots of good qualities, like his passion, his loyalty, his sense of humour and his very handsome face.

Tell us about the differences between your character and yourself?

Apart from looking quite similar, we aren't alike at all.

What has been your best acting role to date and why?

Acting jobs are usually made by the people that you get to work with, and I have been really lucky in the friends I have met on the job. Being a part of a fellowship, a team, is the best thing about being an actor, and you can get to go to some wonderful places. I was in a production of Hamlet at the Shakespeare's Globe, which is an incredible venue. We finished by going to Elsinore Castle, which was special. I really enjoyed playing El Burro the Priest in Heresy of Love at the RSC. He was really mean and tortured.

What was your first day like on the set of Doctors?

The first actor I met was Ian Kelsey, who told me that there was only room for one Ian - and that I had best change my name pronto! He then made me make him a cup of tea and polish his shoes. My first scene was with Owen and Kelsey, and I had some complicated dialogue about neuroscience that I had kept saying in my sleep for a week before we filmed it. Three months later I still remember it. "Neuroscience. Molecular, cellular, developmental, structural, functional, evolutionary, computational."

How did you get into acting?

School plays and amateur dramatics with my mum and dad. I [also] spent the majority of my teenage years in my local cinema. Then I studied theatre at University.

If you weren't acting, what would you do?

If I wasn't acting I would dedicate my efforts towards time travel.

What is your favourite film?

I'm too much of a nerd to be able to name one... but if I'm allowed to choose my favourite rom-com of 1987 it's Broadcast News. My favourite Pixar is Ratatouille and my favourite line in a film is "Yes, but Baby Fish Mouth is sweeping the nation."

What was the best thing about being in The Sarah Jane Adventures?

The Sarah Jane Adventures was really good fun. The best thing was getting a full face prosthetic I think.

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