The Fourth Dimension

The Edge of Destruction


We see the TARDIS bedrooms for the first time… They contain some very uncomfortable looking beds that resemble bent sun loungers… no wonder Ian and Barbara were keen to return home!


We get a rare insight into the Doctor’s and Susan’s travels before they came to London in 1963 when Susan identifies a picture on the TARDIS scanner as being the planet Quinnis in the fourth universe. She goes on to explain that their adventure on this jungle planet was four or five journeys back and that they nearly lost the TARDIS there.


This is the first time that it’s implied the TARDIS is more than a machine and is somehow alive with a mind of its own.


Doctor Who was originally only commissioned for thirteen episodes. Had this remained the case, this two part story would have been the final story in the series. However, shortly after David Whitaker was commissioned to write Inside the Spaceship, the run of the series was extended.


Although the correct title for this adventure has been established as Inside the Spaceship, it is also popularly known as The Edge of Destruction (also the title of the first episode) and it is under this title that the story was released on DVD. The story has also been known as Beyond the Sun but this is in fact the title of an abandoned story that was replaced by the previous Dalek adventure.


The story was released on DVD in 2005 as The Edge of Destruction along with An Unearthly Child and The Daleks as part of the The Beginning box set. Also included on the disc is the documentary Over the Edge which examines the making of the serial and includes interviews with producer Verity Lambert, directors Frank Cox and Richard Martin, designer Raymond Cusick and actors William Russell and Carole Ann Ford.

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