The Fourth Dimension

The Fourth Dimension

Double Banker

The first of what have come to be known as 'Doctor-lite' episodes, Love & Monsters was filmed at the same time as The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit. This process is known as 'double banking'. Other 'Doctor-lite' episodes include Blink and Turn Left.

Who Is The Doctor?

As well as L.I.N.D.A., Clive Finch ran a one-man quest to find out more about the Doctor from his shed in the episode Rose.

Blasts From The Past

As well as a small amount of reused footage, scenes from Rose, Aliens Of London and The Christmas Invasion were restaged to include Elton Pope.

Frozen Fish

Millingdale Ice Cream, a meaningless red herring website created as a spin-off from the main Doctor Who site unintentionally became part of the episode when the Art and Graphics department decided it would be fun to use the fictitious company in adverts and posters.

Vote Saxon

The copy of The Daily Telegraph that the Abzorbaloff is reading has the headline "Saxon leads polls with 64 per cent" - the first mention of the Master's new alter-ego.

Short Is Sweet

Clom is the sister planet of the Slitheen homeworld Raxacoricofallapatorius.

Young Talent

The Abzorbaloff was designed by nine-year-old William Grantham for a "Design a Doctor Who Monster" competition held by Blue Peter. Apparently, he'd intended it should be the size of a bus!

Monster File

The Hoix, a stunning monster allegedly thrown together at the last minute by the Millennium FX team, is later seen briefly in the Torchwood episode Exit Wounds.

Love Doctor

The episode originally had the working title of I Love the Doctor.

A Little Light Music

The Electric Light Orchestra tracks featured in this episode are: Mr. Blue Sky, Don't Bring Me Down, and Turn to Stone.

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