Click is the BBC’s flagship technology programme. We’re on both TV and radio – across five BBC channels – and can be found on many social networks and iPlayer. The simplest way we’ve worked out to describe what we do is “the best debate on global technology, social media and the internet,” or “your guide to all the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news”. But we just hope that you can join us.

This is tricky. All times for TV are in GMT/BST depending on the time of year (the World News times remain as GMT). If you click on the channel title, you can see the full listings.

BBC World News on Saturdays 0630 and 1930 and Sundays at 0330 and 1330.

BBC UK News Channel on Saturdays at 0130, 0330, 1230 and 1530 and on Sundays at 0430, 1130, 1530 and 2245.

BBC Breakfast on Saturdays at 0645

And we’re on the radio as well. That is even trickier so we’ll leave that to the billings people, who will let you know how to listen here.

For Click on iPlayer, just head to the Click homepage. For radio, you can listen to a lot of episodes. Once again, the World Service is the place to go.

Radio - If you are after the Click podcast, it can be found here.

We are on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook for the moment. And Click’s radio broadcast has its own Facebook page. We’re sure (hopeful) that we’ll be on any new and exciting platforms as they emerge – we pop up all over the place.

You can send in your comments and praise in a variety of ways. You can tweet, message us on Facebook or Google+ (see links above) or the “old-fashioned” way of actual email. We can be reached on

We can’t guarantee a reply, as we receive so many messages a day, but we’ll try our best. We have Feedback sections in the programme regularly so you could hear yourselves then.

We are sorry but there are no ways to complain to us, particularly not using any of the details given above.

More seriously, if you wish to make a formal complaint about Click or any other BBC programme or service, please visit the BBC Complaints website.