Britain in a Day Frequently Asked Questions

When you uploaded your video on the Britain in a Day YouTube channel for consideration for this project, you agreed to a set of terms and conditions called the Official Terms.

When you agreed to the Official Terms you granted permission to UK in a Day Films Ltd (the production company for the film) and the BBC to include your video in the finished version of the film Britain in a Day (if it was indeed selected). If your video was selected you granted permission for your name and likeness to be used in promotional material for the film. The BBC has also created an online archive portrait of the United Kingdom in 2011 and by uploading your video you also agreed to your video being used for this purpose.

By uploading your video to YouTube you also agreed to YouTube’s standard terms and conditions giving permission to YouTube to continue publishing your video for as long as you wish it to remain on their site see the Official Terms.

The use of any personal data submitted will be governed by the BBC’s Privacy Policy and handled by the BBC and the production company in a responsible manner.

Britain in a Day is an extraordinary project to create the definitive self-portrait of Britain in the 21st Century, filmed by you, inspired by Life in a Day.

On Saturday 12th November, Ridley Scott and director Morgan Matthews invited everyone in UK to capture part of their day and to upload it to YouTube.

The volume of submissions from you was overwhelming and showed how passionate the UK is about celebrating and sharing what they were up to on 12 November 2011. The resulting film and online archive gallery is a powerful and moving snapshot of the UK today.

The director of the film, Morgan Matthews, decided which videos (or parts of videos) were going to be part of the finished film. The director made his decision based on the following criteria: does the video fulfil the brief as set out on the YouTube Channel; how unique and/or creative is it; are the sound and picture quality technically acceptable; and does it fit the director’s creative vision for the film. The director’s decision is final. Unfortunately due to the volume of material we received, we were not able to include everyone’s footage in the final film.

Morgan Matthews invited people from the UK to send in footage which they shot on a single day. Anyone could take part, you didn’t have to be professional you just needed to be able to pick up a camera and use it. The footage had to be shot on the 12 November 2011 and you could film anything as long as it was within the 24 hour period and adhered to the Britain in a Day channel Official Terms and Conditions.

He suggested a few questions to help you get started, these were:

What do you see when you look out of your window and how do you feel about the area you live in?

What makes you happy and where are you happiest?

What do you like or dislike about the UK?

What are your vices or your guilty pleasures?

What is the most important thing in your life at the moment?

His aim was to create a wonderful patchwork of our nations that reflects everything and anything about us and what it means to be British and what we are going through in our lives today.

The gallery was launched with the full length clips used in the film and will be added to over time to make sure that there is a good spread of clips from across the UK.

All the video clips have been reviewed to make sure they do not infringe YouTube guidelines and then reviewed again by the BBC to ensure they do not infringe BBC guidelines .

We will add more video clips to the gallery throughout 2012.

In addition to the compliance process described above, BBC Learning worked with media students around the UK to pull together sets of clips that best sum up what it means to be British in the 21st century. We haven’t included all the clips but we’ve chosen the best ones for you to look at.

We have followed a strict process to ensure all the clips meet both YouTube and BBC guidelines but if you feel that your video should be included in the gallery then please do get in touch at Please be aware the archive gallery will not be completed until November 2012 and so if you cannot see your video clip before this date that is not to say it will not be included in the completed archive gallery.

Once complete the archive gallery will contain over 4000 video clips.

If you would like to withdraw your video from YouTube you may do this through your own account. However if you are not the owner of the film but are featured in the film you should first ask the owner of the film to remove the video clip through their account. Alternatively if this is no longer possible you can get in touch with

If you find a video clip offensive you are able to flag the video clip on YouTube and ask for it to be removed. The BBC has taken considerable measures to ensure that the footage included in the archive gallery adheres to the BBC Editorial Guidelines to prevent against offensive material being published in the archive gallery.

In addition, you or any person appearing in your video have the right to request that any personal data held by us be updated or deleted from our records by emailing us at: However, if your video has already been included in the film, on the promotional material or in the archive gallery, please be aware that we will need to retain any related personal data needed to verify yours and/or their consent to the inclusion of the video.

No. The archive gallery offers a snapshot of Britain as was on the 12 November 2011.

The BBC partnered with multimedia and journalist university students across the UK to help create the final archive of video clips. Each university selected their favourite 10 clips and wrote about why they chose those clips.

You can view films from a particular part of the UK; ones that reflect a specific hobby or interest - even films that portray a particular mood or emotion.