What was the first thing you did when you found out you'd got the role on Holby?

I was in town so I went to the restaurant where my best friend works so I could tell her in person, but she wasn’t there! I tried to track her down, but in the end I had to admit defeat and tell her by phone.

Did you do any special preparation for playing a doctor?

Rob and I spent some time at a hospital shadowing a surgical team. We worked with the F1s [foundation doctor] and the registrar, we also met the consultant who made quite an impression! We’d been on the ward quite a while by the time we met him. He strode in: slicked back hair, big watch, threw himself down on a chair and started working away. The team continued their work and then at one point he turned round and just got right to the heart of the matter with the patient. He spoke several languages, played chess, knew the answer to everything – he was amazing.

We learnt a lot of from the F1s too – they work so hard and such long hours. It was quite upsetting for us seeing so many people ill or in pain; you begin to feel a bit guilty in a weird way when you’re just acting the part of someone who does something so important.

What scares you the most about working on the show?

The pace! It’s utterly brilliant and exciting the way we move from one big story to the next, but it can also be a little unnerving.

What do you love most so far about Holby?

There are so many things I love! The cast are great fun. It’s also great to have different guests on every episode - it keeps things fresh to have someone different every episode. I love my character – the way she’s written, she’s young and she’s still learning so you can see her grow over a longer period of time which is exciting.

So glad I’m on AAU with the lovely Bob (Barrett) to look after me. I immediately felt so at home and they all made me feel so welcome. I know it sounds cliché, but everyone is genuinely so lovely! There’s something very special about Holby.

I love working with different directors – it’s a great learning experience for me to work with so many different people. I also enjoy the consistency of being on set, it means I can pay attention to the technical side of things too because I’m there longer, which is something that also interests me.

What was your first day like?

On my first day I came in and met everyone, it’s all a bit of a blur, but what I do remember is how nice and friendly everyone was. Oh! I also had my photo-shoot for “Dr Honey” on my first day so that was interesting start! But everyone was really lovely and tried to make things as comfortable as possible. It was a quite an amusing shoot.

What do you love about Gemma?

What I find interesting about Gemma is her contradictions. She is someone with a lot of responsibility, very driven, but she can also react quite childishly in the moment! I love that she’s good with patients and that she’s smart and quick and committed. She comes across as confident, but I think it’s more that she’s so focused on being a good doctor and she wants it so much. I enjoy that about her.

What are Gemma’s flaws?

She jumps to conclusions quite quickly. I think sometimes she assumes people are against her when they’re not. She doesn’t really give them the benefit of the doubt.

What can we look forward to with Gemma?

I think you will see her grow up a bit and have to deal with some pretty tricky situations. She’s a tough one though, she’ll fight her way through.

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