What happens next?

The Show What You Wrote producer Alexandra Smith explains what happens now we have your submissions...

We’ve had thousands of budding comedy writers submitting sketches to us, so thank you all for taking the time to send in your ideas.

So what happens now?

Well, the SWYW team have been busy reading through all the entries and picking out their favourites. We think we’ve had close to 15,000 sketches submitted across all the topics so we’re just finishing reading now! With that in mind, please don’t be put off if you don’t hear from us this time around. With so many sketches submitted, there will be pieces that are very well written that we can’t use because they’re too similar to an idea that we’re already using, or because they rely on a similar punchline or twist, which won’t work twice in an episode.

You can rest assured that any pieces of work that arrived before the deadline have been considered, but you won’t get an email from us about your entry UNLESS:

  1. We really like your idea but we think you might be able to tweak it. In this case you’ll be sent some edit notes to the email address the sketch was sent from, along with a new deadline to submit your rewrite. A re-written sketch still might not make the final programme, but it does mean that we really like the idea and think we might be able to use it. Some rewrite suggestions have already gone out, but we’ll be sending lots more requests over the next couple of weeks, so do keep an eye on your inbox.
  2. OR, your sketch has been used in the recording as you sent it to us and we need you to send us your payment information.

In a few cases it might be that the edits we need to make to your sketch are very minor and will be done by the script editors here. If that happens and your sketch is in the final programme, you’ll get an email from us letting you know and asking for your payment details in the same way as anyone else who’s been asked to make a rewrite themselves. We won’t know exactly which sketches are going to air until the programme is recorded and edited, so you won’t get an email confirming your work’s inclusion until a few weeks from now.

The programme starts recording on the 19th May, every Sunday until the 9th June at the Manchester Conference Centre, and you can apply for tickets to be in the audience here.

A full list of writing credits will be posted on this website when it airs, so if you’re still not sure if your work has been used there’ll be a definitive list online where you can check.

If your sketch hasn’t been successful this time around, please don’t be disheartened! We had thousands of sketches sent to us and with only 28 minutes for each programme we’re very restricted in the number of pieces that we can use. Our script editor Jon Hunter has written a feature covering some of the more common ideas and problems with scripts that we encountered, and it’s definitely worth having a look at his suggestions for future reference. It will be online soon.

We’ll be posting updates about the cast and the recordings over the next few weeks, so do check in to see how we’re getting on.

We hope to see some of you at the recordings and thanks again for all your submissions.

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