Terms and Conditions - All in the Mind Awards

Terms and Conditions for the All in the Mind Anniversary Awards

1. In order to nominate someone, you must be aged 18 years or over and a UK resident (including Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) and not be a BBC employee, employee of any of its affiliates, close relative of any such employees or connected to these Awards directly or through a close relative.

2. Any individual (either solely or as part of a project in the mental health project category) aged 18 years or over is eligible to be nominated, except BBC employees, employees of any of its affiliates, close relatives of any such employees or connected to these Awards directly or through a close relative. Proof of age, identity and eligibility may be requested.

3. Nominations can be submitted via the email address allinthemind16@bbc.co.uk from 9pm on 10 November, 2015 to midnight on 31 January, 2016. Any nominations received after this will not be accepted.

4. If your entry is shortlisted the BBC will need permission from the nominee. You will be required to provide contact information for your nominee(s), should he/she/they be shortlisted. The BBC will then contact the nominee to get their consent that they agree to be entered for the award. The nominee(s) will be told that you were the person nominating him/her/them.

5. In the event of your nomination being shortlisted the production team will be in contact with you. If your entry is considered for broadcast, anonymity cannot be guaranteed but in some circumstances family names of the nominator will not need to be used. This will only be discussed by the production team, with the nominator in the event of shortlisting.

6. The criteria to qualify for nomination are as follows and the actions for which the nomination is being made should have occurred sometime between 10 November, 2010 and 10 November, 2015.

The three categories are:

i) A member of your family, friend, colleague or boss who has helped you the most with respect to understanding and supporting your mental health condition.

ii) The mental health professional who has helped you most

iii) The mental health project that has helped you most – definition of project is a discrete project and not part of "conventional therapy". If the project has closed within the last three years (from the date of nominations open, above) it can still be nominated if organisers / individuals are willing to talk about the project.

7. Some nominations may be read out on air with interviews. These uses of nominations will have no bearing on and be entirely separate from the judging process. However all nominees must be willing to be interviewed as a condition of their nomination.

8. The BBC Radio 4 "All in the Mind" team may contact both the nominator and nominee to verify facts and/or events and whether the relevant consents have been obtained. This should not be interpreted as anything other than an information gathering exercise.

9. Further on-going research may be undertaken by the BBC All in the Mind team. The nominee may be contacted and asked for relevant contacts to assist this research. The BBC reserves the right to disqualify a nominee if such contacts are not provided.

10. The judging panel will consist of a panel of mental health professionals, mental health campaigners and service users. Judging will take place in March/April 2016. Nominators may submit several entries across all categories but only one of their nominees can be a winner and can only enter each category once. Nominees may be nominated for more than one category but they may only win in one category.

11. The winners will be publicly announced on BBC Radio 4's "All in the Mind", online and at the Awards Event. Winners will be expected to accept the award in person on the day. The person who nominated the winner is also expected to be present during the announcement. The BBC will provide suitable accommodation and/or travel as deemed necessary. For the avoidance of doubt no other fees, costs or expenses will be provided by the BBC.

12. The BBC's decision as to the shortlist and winners is final. No correspondence relating to the awards will be entered.

13. Each of the winners will receive an "All in the Mind" Award. There are no prizes, no cash alternative and the award cannot be sold or transferred in any circumstances.

13. Nominees must agree to take part in any post-award publicity if required.

14. Winners and their nominators will be recorded for a radio programme with the intention of broadcasting those contributions on radio as well as using them on all other platforms including online and TV. The winners and their nominators will be expected to confirm consent to this in writing by signing standard contributor consent forms.

17.The BBC reserves the right to: (i) vary these Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to the opening and closing times of the awards nominations period; (ii) disqualify any nominee who breaches the rules or has acted fraudulently in any way; and (iii) cancel the awards, at any stage, if in its opinion it is deemed necessary or if circumstances arise outside its control.

18. The BBC, its sub-contractors, subsidiaries and/or agencies cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any technical failure or malfunction, problems with postal collection or delivery, internet issues or any other problem which may result in any nomination not properly registered.

19. Your personal data will be collected and used by the BBC for this competition only. Your personal data may be seen by those judging the competition but will not be shared with anyone else within the BBC or with any other third parties. We will only retain your data for as long as is necessary to administer the competition; it will then be securely and permanently deleted. The full BBC Privacy policy is available at bbc.co.uk/privacy

20. Where relevant, these awards accord with the BBC's Code of Conduct for Competitions and Voting, details of which can be found on the BBC'S Standards and Guidelines website at bbc.co.uk/competitioncode

21. The promoter of the awards is the British Broadcasting Corporation and these terms and conditions are subject to the laws of England and Wales.