What is #1millionhours?

In December 2015, we launched an ambitious challenge - and we need your help to make it happen.

As a society we face lots of challenges, which can sometimes seem impossible to sort out. But if a lot of us do a little, we can make a difference. Just a few hours of your time can change the life of someone in need.

#1millionhours is all about getting you to pledge your time to those that need it the most.

We’re hoping to inspire you to pledge towards organisations who need your time, and for you to have a great experience too. We’re working with four different charities – Age UK, Barnardo’s, Cancer Research UK and Oxfam and you can pledge your time with them, or with anyone else you choose.

How do I become part of #1millionhours?

Take a look at the featured charities page to find out more about the sorts of opportunities that might be available with the charities we've teamed up with. When you’ve decided, head to our PLEDGE NOW form and fill out your details. Depending on which charity you select, you will be taken to their website to complete your pledge and application.

If you want to pledge time to another charity or organisation that's fine too! Just share your pledge with us on Twitter or Instagram, including the hours you have in mind, and the hashtag - #1millionhours – so that we can spot you.

Please note: the #1MillionHours campaign ran throughout 2016, and the PLEDGE NOW form is no longer live, but you can still volunteer with any of these charities!

When do I do the volunteering?

It depends on your chosen cause but it’s likely to be in 2016, as there’s sometimes an application or bit of process around placing you. They will contact you about this to make sure it's at a time that works for you.

What if my pledged hours don’t match the amount of hours I end up doing?

We’re all about encouraging you to get involved in volunteering as a whole – so we’re keen on capturing your intentions and pledging first off. If you go on to do more hours, then great!

What if my chosen charity can’t place me?

In order to get placed, there may be an application process by a charity or organisation. This is to make sure you have a great experience that’s suited to you. Your circumstances need to match up to the volunteering opportunity offered – so sometimes it might not work out. There are SO many opportunities to discover with other organisations via our website so now you have the bug – there’ll be something for you.

What if I want to volunteer for a charity which isn’t featured here?

Fine with us! Just let us know via social media using #1millionhours and how many hours you’re going to pledge so we can count you in the campaign! Whether you pledge with one of our featured charities, sign up with another organisation or even decide to take your neighbour out for tea, let us know that you’ve become part of the movement by tweeting @bbcr1 or @1xtra with the #1millionhours hashtag. Don’t forget to include the hours you want to pledge.

Happy pledging!

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