Published: 02/07/14

Company response

Beach Ready Inc said:

We take customers concern very seriously and ensure that we address them to avoid any un pleasant Customer experience. Here you will find answer to each of the point that you have raised and we have Attempted our best to address these issues.

Health Benefits of Raspberry Keytone:

Please note that there are numerous studies that have been done to proof the effectiveness Of Raspberry Keytone.

Raspberry Approval as Health Supplement:

Please note that regulation of Health Supplements and manufacturing comes under the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) in the UK.

There has been a research that has been done on Raspberry Ketone (albeit used as a flavour) has been safely approved for use in food supplements by EFSA and therefore poses NO risk to human health. I am attaching the copy of this research for you reference.

Please note that we manufacture all our products in MHRA approved facilities and are in compliance with the regulations of MHRA. MHRA does not approve Synthetic based Raspberry Keytone but has approved ethanol based Raspberry Keytone as safe for Human consumption.

Please note that Raspberry Keytone products are on shelves in major retail stores in the UK, if they were not deemed safe for Human Consumption. UK Food Safety Authority would have already removed Them from the shelve. You can check and find these on the shelves of major health retailers. Let me know if you have issues and I will give you reference for the stores where you can get them.

Most of the studies are done on mice and Rodent but you can find one study that has been done on Humans.

Purchasing Process and Adverting:

Please note that we use a marketing method called Affiliate marketing in which a lot of different people send us traffic to Our website, we cannot always control the content of these affiliates although we have strict guidelines on what creative They can use etc but we do have cases where this is not followed and we discontinue working with affiliates that do not Follow the guidelines.

Unfortunately there is no proactive way of checking this and we find out after the incidents have taken place. We do however Try to take care of all the issues at the customer service end to make sure that customers are satisfied with what they are getting.

We do understand that we offer our customers a negative option, which means they are enrolled into a monthly subscription Until they call in and cancel. We have a check box that needs to be checked or ticked by the customer before making the purchase which has the terms and conditions.

We have seen that a lot of customers check the box without reviewing the actual terms and Condition. In the light of this action we have displayed the terms and conditions on the page above the fold and next to submit botton for customers to see in case they have not reviewed the T&C properly.

We are currently in the process where we will change this to a method where the customer will have to scroll down through The terms and condition and press the “ I AGREE” button on the bottom. We are working on this as we speak to improve the Customer Experience and reduce the customer complaints.

Additional Comment:

As far as the information for Customer Debra Cutter is involved please find the details below:

The customer ordered the product through our website on the 10th of September 2013, ordered was shipped to the customer on the 11th of Sep 2013and it was received by the customer on the 13th of Sep 2013.

The customer called us on the 16th Nov 2013 day as she did not expect to be charged and wanted A refund. We approved her refund on charges which takes 7 business days to get processed and A few more days to reflect on the statement but she had called her bank and disputed the charges Directly due to which the funds were deducted from our account and we stopped the refund that Was authorized.