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Terry: Anyone sat here? Or just your pretend boyfriend?

Whitney: He was being a prat.

Terry: Good looking prat.

Ian: I'm not in the mood for any more trouble.

Lucy: I'm not here to cause trouble.

Lola: Look at me. Everthing I wear is either knock-off or second hand.

Roxy: Come on. Peter wouldn't care if you showed up in a bin bag.

Ronnie: Maybe you're better off just being single for a while.

Roxy: And then what? I end up in some high-rise, stinking of cats.

Jake: What's her name?

Aleks: She's no one.

Jake: Yeah, right, that'll be why you came in so pleased with yourself?

Ronnie: You want to know what's under that overcoat?

Roxy: I do not…

Ronnie: I've seen him in the gym. Sweaty…tousled….lycra…

Roxy: Ronnie…

Ronnie: Curves in all the right places...

Tina: Check her out. Su Pollard called. She wants her glasses back.

Nancy: Who's Su Pollard?

Lauren: Ah, the good old mocktail. What happens if you drink too much vitamin C?

Peter: Not that much, buzz-wise.

Lauren: Happy days.

David: Homework?

Tiffany: Yes.

David: Trainers?

Morgan: Yes.

David: Chocolate that you're not meant to have and I didn't see you taking?

Tiffany / Morgan: No!

Mick: Bill… Bill… Bill… I'm going to start calling you that from now on.

Masood: Hey, I'm just the messenger.

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