The Fourth Dimension


The read through for Hide took place in Cardiff on Monday, 21 May, 2012 and filming on the episode began the following day, running through to 5 June.

Jessica Raine – best known for her work in Call the Midwife - plays Emma Grayling in Hide. She’ll be back in on our screens in a Doctor Who related role later this year as she plays the show’s first producer, Verity Lambert, in An Adventure in Space and Time.

The Doctor mentions the Baker Street Irregulars in reference to Palmer. The ‘original’ (albeit fictional) Baker Street Irregulars were a band of Victorian ragamuffins who assisted Sherlock Holmes in his investigations. They first appeared in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1887 thriller, A Study in Scarlet. However it seems likely the Doctor is alluding here to Britain’s Special Operations Executive (SOE). This was a covert wartime organisation formed to conduct espionage, reconnaissance and sabotage missions against Germany and her allies, and to assist resistance movements in occupied Europe during World War II. Its headquarters were in London’s Baker Street leading those in the know to dub its operatives, the Baker Street Irregulars.

The “Doctor what?” gag near the start of the adventure brings to mind a line from Carry On Screaming where Kenneth Williams’ mad scientist character announces he is Doctor Watt. A policeman comes back with, ‘Doctor who, sir?’ to which the scientist replies, ‘Watt! Who is my uncle - or was – I haven’t seen him for ages!’

‘…seeking whom you may devour…’ is a reference to a line in the Bible and more specifically, the First Epistle of Peter (5:8). The full passage reads, ‘Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour…’

This isn’t the show’s first reference to Ghostbusters, the 1984 comedy about an unlikely organisation that battled supernatural forces in America. Whilst investigating the so-called ‘Army of Ghosts’ the Tenth Doctor and Rose quoted the movie’s theme song. It’s a popular ditty – its lyrics were also quoted by Clyde Langer in The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Eternity Trap!

‘Birds do it, bees do it… even educated fleas do it!’ is a quote from Cole Porter’s popular song, ‘Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love’. It was first heard (with slightly different lyrics) in one of Porter’s earliest Broadway musicals, Paris, in 1928.

The idea of ‘pocket universes’ has been debated by scientists for many years. They are said to be universes that are complete within themselves but are nevertheless part of a larger universe, such as the one we inhabit. This makes them distinct, as the Doctor points out, from parallel universes which are not necessarily a subset of any other universe.

This isn’t the first time the Doctor has used a blue crystal from Metebelis III… We first saw him visit that strange and sinister planet - and take a crystal from its surface - in the Third Doctor adventure, The Green Death. He used it to break the mind control an enemy was exerting over a human and thus defeat a terrifying scheme. He later gave the crystal to companion Jo Grant as a wedding present but as his former companion travelled through India the natives called it ‘bad magic’ and she was forced to return it to the Time Lord. In Planet of the Spiders it turned out to be an important stone to the ‘eight-legs’ of Metebelis III and was pivotal to their evil plans. The Doctor defeated them, with the assistance of the crystal, although this victory came at a price and he was forced to regenerate…

In Hide we once again hear the TARDIS’s ominous warning device, the Cloister Bell. It was introduced in the 1980 story, Logopolis, and in that adventure the Doctor told Adric, 'It's a sort of communications device reserved for wild catastrophes and sudden calls to man the battle stations.' In practice the Cloister Bell warns of impending or immediate danger and was later heard in Castrovalva, Resurrection of the Daleks and more recently it tolled in The Sound of Drums, Turn Left, The Eleventh Hour and in the Adventure Game, TARDIS.

The episode also references the Eye of Harmony. The precise nature of ‘the Eye’ remains a mystery. It was first mentioned in The Deadly Assassin and appears to be a source of great power exploited by the Time Lords. It’s unclear whether it is a single entity that once ‘fuelled’ Gallifrey or a kind of multi-present source of power that existed in all TARDIS… Perhaps time will tell.

The word ‘Caliburn’, as in Caliburn House where the majority of Hide is set, has interesting connotations. It’s another word for Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur that played such an important part in the Seventh Doctor adventure, Battlefield.

The Doctor’s orange space suit is back! It’s been slightly modified over the years but first appeared worn by the Tenth Doctor in The Impossible Planet. It made subsequent appearances in a number of episodes, most notably during The Waters of Mars when the Time Lord explored the Red Planet.

‘Your pants are so on fire!’ The Doctor is suggesting Clara is fibbing when he makes this declaration, referencing the usually good-natured rhyme of ‘Liar, liar! Your pants are on fire!’

Kendal Mint Cake, mentioned by the Doctor, is a hard confectionery originating from Kendal in Cumbria, England. It’s been around for over a century and remains popular with climbers and mountaineers as a source of energy. You can read more about it in a BBC report by Helen Skelton.

The scenes in the eerie forest were shot in Wales’ Gethin Woods with some interesting tricks employed to give the movements of the ‘crooked man’ such an unusual quality. You can find out about the secrets of these sequences and watch more about the making of Hide in our special behind the scenes video.