The search for the new 12 bands and artists begins here!

12 bands/artists will be selected by a panel of producers from BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Cymru, Arts Council of Wales and a producer of the Horizons 12 scheme as those most likely to make significant advances in their careers across the year. These bands/artists form Horizons 12.

The Horizons 12 bands/artists will be offered opportunities to perform at events across Wales and through BBC Cymru Wales’ national radio stations – BBC Radio Cymru and/or BBC Radio Wales. Alongside this they will benefit from a programme of support to assist with the development of their music careers.

The main benefits of the Horizons 12 scheme are:

  • exposure across BBC Cymru Wales services
  • direct contact with a BBC producer overseeing the project
  • a BBC Maida Vale recording session
  • promotional tools including a professional photoshoot and video
  • career mentoring through a music industry development lab
  • opportunities to perform at a programme of Welsh festivals/events and BBC Cymru Wales events through the year which may be broadcast (subject to BBC’s editorial discretion)
  • nominations through BBC Introducing to play at major events across the UK
  • opportunities for selected bands/artists to perform at international festivals

Who can apply for Horizons 12?

Horizons 12 will be open to Wales based bands/artists writing, producing and performing original contemporary popular music. These contemporary music genres include indie, electronic, urban, pop, rock, world, folk and emerging contemporary music genres.

How can you apply for Horizons 12?

Bands/artists can apply by uploading their music via the BBC Introducing uploader (the official BBC online tool for new music submissions from around the UK) – and submitting a completed Horizons 12 Application Form via email to horizons@bbc.co.uk The entry dates for Horizons 12 submissions will be announced by the BBC services and in the press.

Please note the uploader Terms and Conditions must be complied with (available in full here).

How are the Horizons 12 selected?

Musical submissions and completed Application Forms will be considered by a selection panel of producers from BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Cymru, Arts Council of Wales and producer of the Horizons 12 project.

This selection panel will also consider bands/artists championed by the Welsh music industry and radio specialist music experts from Wales. These bands/artists although championed will also have to apply via the route set out above and be considered alongside other eligible bands/artists.

Who is eligible for Horizons 12?

Eligible bands must have a significant proportion of the group living in Wales (for example, one in four, two in five, and three in six members of a group). Solo artists must live in Wales. Bands/artists must be able to prove that they are over 16 years of age on the date of entry. Bands/artists must write, record and perform their own original material. Bands/artists must also comply with the terms and conditions set out below.

The opening date for applications for the 2016/17 Horizons 12 scheme is Monday 4th January 2016.

The closing date for receiving applications is midnight , Monday 1st Febuary 2016.

Music must be uploaded and completed application forms received during this period to be considered. Please note the deadline is final, no submissions will be accepted after the above closing date and time.

We intend to announce the successful Horizons 12 bands/artists from 29th February 2016 onwards on BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru, online at www.bbc.co.uk/horizons and via twitter @horizonscymru.

Download the Application form - Microsoft Word (.doc)

Please see the Terms and Conditions

Download the Application Form

Violet Skies - Horizons Highlights