Frequently asked questions about Strictly Come Dancing

Tickets for Strictly Come Dancing are allocated by a random draw before each series starts. If you have applied for a ticket, please be aware that they will be sent out approximately two weeks prior to each show from the BBC Tickets team. Please don't contact the Strictly Website with any enquiries.

Enquiries about BBC Tickets and attending the show, including accessibility, can be found at the BBC Tickets website FAQ, where there is also a contact telephone number for questions not covered by the FAQ.

Sadly NO TICKETS are kept in reserve to give away to charity events or for other special causes such as weddings or birthdays

Most of the outfits are created by a team working across different locations - both on BBC premises and in freelance costumiers. The presenters' outfits are also a mixture of high street and specially designed outfits. We are unable to track down information about the designers of the dancers' or presenters' outfits

Our professional dancers are all highly experienced in many different fields of dance - they've been recruited to work on Strictly Come Dancing because of that versatility. However, specialist choreographers are made available throughout the series to help, advise and assist in choreographing specific routines.

In order to secure the best guests possible for the show, on rare occasions musical guests are pre-recorded because of their availability.

Some clips are not available outside the UK because of rights reasons. Please be aware that our live embedded video streams, including watching TV channels live over the internet, are also available in the UK only.

If you are viewing the site from outside the UK, you will be unable to access our live video streams and rights-restricted content and should see a message stating that this media is not available in your territory.

If you have any specific comments or queries about Strictly Come Dancing, or you wish to send fan mail to the TV Office, please visit our Contact Us page.

Please note, all emails are read, but if your email is a general comment or your question is answered on the site or in this FAQ section, we will not get back to you.

Although we'd love to be able to answer all the questions we receive about Strictly Come Dancing, it takes time to research queries and this costs the BBC money. For this reason we would ask you to try to find the answer to your question before sending us an email - the greater the number of queries we receive, the less money we can spend on programmes.

Many factors are taken into consideration when the performance order is chosen. These include the tempo of each of the tracks, the dance styles, and the story-lines and props featured in each performance. The order is varied each week in order to keep some surprises for the viewers and to avoid predictability.

The Strictly Come Dancing website uses the Embedded Media Player (EMP), which allows you to watch streaming video clips.

You can find an overview of common questions about the EMP on the BBC News website.

More detailed technical questions are answered on the BBC iPlayer Help pages.