Suspect: Whitney Dean

Alibi, possible motive and reasons leading to the suspicion of Whitney Dean in the death of Lucy Beale..

Connection to Lucy: Friend

I couldn't do something like that...
Whitney Dean
  • Alibi: Went for a walk by herself
  • Possible motive: Had fallen out with Lucy over Lee/was being cyber bullied by Lucy

Whitney and Lucy had been arguing on social media long before Lucy's death, with Lucy cyber bullying Whitney about her weight. However, their feud reached a new height on Good Friday when Whitney found out that Lucy had slept with Lee Carter - who Whitney had also taken a liking to. Later deleteing information from her and Lucy’s social media pages, is she trying to cover something up?

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Killer instinct...

“Do you know what – I’ve got a horrible feeling it’s Whitney. I didn’t a while ago but now I think it could be. If it’s not Whitney, I would have said Ian, but I’m not sure. It’s crazy we still don’t know. Everyone thinks we do, but we don’t!”
Shona McGarty

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