The Mind of Evil


For the scene in which the Doctor talks to the Chinese delegate in Hokkien, a translation is provided for the viewer in the form of subtitles. This is the first time that subtitles had been used in Doctor Who.


When the Keller Machine causes the Doctor to be haunted by memories of his old adversaries, we see still images of enemies including a Dalek, a Cyberman, a Sensorite, Koquillion, a War Machine, a Zarbi, Slarr and a Silurian superimposed over the terrified Doctor. In addition we hear what is presumably a Dalek shouting, ‘Exterminate, annihilate, destroy!’ although it doesn’t sound quite like the Doctor’s old foes normally do. When the Master falls victim to the Keller Machine and is forced to face his greatest fear, he sees a vision of the Doctor laughing at him.


Fernanda Marlowe makes the first of her two appearances as UNIT Corporal Bell. She’ll be back for her swan song in the following story, The Claws of Axos.


William Marlowe, who plays Mailer, would return to Doctor Who in the Fourth Doctor story, Revenge of the Cybermen. Michael Sheard (here portraying Doctor Summers) had previously appeared in the First Doctor story, The Ark and later returned in four more adventures - Pyramids of Mars, The Invisible Enemy, Castrovalva and Remembrance of the Daleks - always playing a different character. His filmography includes blockbusters such as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (in which he played Hitler) and The Empire Strikes Back.


The Doctor reveals that he has had conversations with Chinese communist leader, Mao Tse-tung and was also imprisoned in the Tower of London with Sir Walter Raleigh during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Apparently Raleigh spoke at length about potatoes.


This is Don Houghton’s second and final script for Doctor Who – his first being Inferno from the previous season. He went on to write novels, movies, several episodes of Sapphire & Steel and television shows including the Scottish soap Take the High Road which he also created.


Timothy Combe directed the story which proved to be his final work on the show. He had previously directed Doctor Who and the Silurians and also worked on The Keys of Marinus, The Reign of Terror and The Evil of the Daleks. He was later at the helm for several BBC dramas including episodes of The Brothers starring the Sixth Doctor himself – Colin Baker.


One of the early titles for this story was The Pandora Machine which draws on the story of Pandora’s Box – a mythical creation that held all the evil in the world until Pandora opened it and released its contents.


Having stolen the Master’s dematerialisation circuit from his TARDIS in the previous adventure, Terror of the Autons, the Doctor is most frustrated when the Master is able to nab it back. The Master is now free to escape the Earth and in the next story, The Claws of Axos, we discover what he gets up to on his trip away.


The Mind of Evil is available on DVD. All six episodes have been restored and remastered and are accompanied by extensive extras - featuring the cast and crew - that explore the making of the story.

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