Find out who wrote and starred in our Newsjack Revisited compilation show...

Newsjack featured Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Justin Edwards, Pippa Evans, Nadia Kamil, Cariad Lloyd and Lewis Macleod.

It was written by:

Alasdair Beckett-King

Alex Buchanan

Annie Burchell

Ben Partridge

Brennan Reece & Hayley Ellis

Caspian James

Crispin Fisher

David Salisbury & Tom Neenan

Gabby Hutchinson Crouch

Graham Kilvington

John O'Neill

Jon Hunter

Kevin Baker

Laura Watson

Max Davis

Peter Thompson

Richard Ward

Russell Thompson

Sarah Ivinson

Sarah Morgan

Sian Harries

Stephen Mawhinney

Tom Crawshaw

Vik Iyer

The script editors were James Kettle, Jon Hunter, Ben Partridge, Andy Wolton and Tom Neenan.

It was produced by Carl Cooper and Ed Morrish.

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