bbc.co.uk/programmes provides information on all current TV and radio programmes across the BBC.

A quick overview

The BBC website provides information and rich experiences to support the programmes we broadcast but, with around 1000 programmes broadcast every day across our radio and TV networks, coverage to date has not always been either comprehensive or permanent. If, for example, you want to find information on a programme you watched or listened to a couple of weeks ago, it is not always available and, even if it is available, it is not always easy to find.

bbc.co.uk/programmes is a new project which aims to ensure that every programme the BBC broadcasts has a permanent, findable web presence. Starting from October 2007 this website will grow and change as we test and improve the functionality, the data and the richness of the user experience. When programmes are available to watch or listen we have the video on the page or link to BBC Sounds respectively.

If you're looking for something a little older you can also watch and listen to selections of programmes from the BBC's archives.

Watch/Listen again availability

You can watch or listen to the vast majority of programmes via the Programmes website within 7 days of their broadcast on BBC TV or Radio. Unfortunately certain programming is subject to rights restrictions. For further information on programme availability, frequently asked questions and an active messageboard community please refer to BBC iPlayer Help.

Accessibility statement

The BBC is committed to making its output as accessible as possible to all audiences (including those with visual, hearing, cognitive or motor impairments) to fulfil its public service remit and to meet its statutory obligations. In order to achieve this the Programmes website adheres to bbc.co.uk's Accessibility Guidelines.

The Programmes website is developed with simple design principles using standards compliant semantic markup to maximise its accessibility to screen readers, as well as other applications. The development process of new features includes frequent usability testing with real users. These design principles and this iterative testing will continue as we look to integrate our work with /music and other parts of the BBC.