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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

Speeches A–Z


Tate, John
Speech given at Westminster Media Forum 06.07.11
Thompson, Mark
Speech at the Cardiff Ambassadors Dinner 03.11.11
Speech at the Radio Festival, Salford 01.11.11
Speech to the International Press Institute, Taiwan 25.09.11
Speech to the National Digital Conference, London 11.05.11
Building digital capacity for the arts 10.03.11
Speech to the Financial Times Digital Media and Broadcasting Conference 2011 02.03.11
Access All Areas: The BBC and the defence of public space 19.01.11
The BBC and the new Settlement 24.11.10
Public Media in a Digital Age 05.10.10
James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture 27.08.10
Nation Speaking Peace Unto Nation: The BBC's Global Mission – speech to Chatham House 11.05.10
Putting Quality First: The BBC and Public Space – speech to Financial Times Digital Media & Broadcasting Conference 02.03.10
Beyond 2012 – The Future for the BBC: Speech given at the Voice of the Listener & Viewer Conference 26.11.09
Speech to RTS Cambridge Convention 2009 17.09.09
Accountability In A Time Of Change: Speech to The Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy 25.06.09
Charles Wheeler Memorial Lecture 20.05.09
Keynote speech given at Changing Media Summit 19.03.09
Address to Royal Television Society International Conference, Opportunity Knocks, Barbican Centre 26.09.08
Faith And The Media – Speech given at Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor Lecture 2008 series: Faith And Life In Britain Today 10.04.08
Keynote opening address at Television From The Nations And Regions conference 22.01.08
The Trouble With Trust: Building Confidence In Institutions 15.01.08
Speech to BBC Staff on delivering Creative Future 18.10.07
Speech given at opening of BBC Scotland's new headquarters at Pacific Quay, Glasgow 20.09.07
Delivering Creative Future: The BBC in 2012 10.07.07
Address to gathering for Alan Johnston at BBC Television Centre 16.04.07
Address to BBC staff following Licence Fee settlement 08.02.07
Media Summit 2007: The Future Of Creative Content Conference – Keynote Speech 18.01.07
The BBC – Expensive Big Brother Or International Media Icon? 06.11.06
Delivering Public Value: The BBC and public sector reform 11.10.06
Delivering Creative Future – address to BBC staff 19.07.06
Speech given to Radio Festival in Cambridge 02.07.06
Whose side are we on? – speech given to International Press Institute 55th World Congress, Edinburgh 28.05.06
A few facts about the licence fee – speech given to Voice of the Listener and Viewer conference, London 18.05.06
Creative Future – The BBC programmes and content in an on-demand world - Royal Television Society Fleming Memorial Lecture 25.04.06
Royal Television Society Baird Lecture – BBC 2.0: why on demand changes everything 22.03.06
Speech given to Royal Society for Arts at Manchester University 09.03.06
Speech given at the European Broadcasting Conference in Liverpool 20.09.05
Speech at the Edinburgh International Television Festival: announcement of MyBBCPlayer 27.08.05
Speech given at the British Phonographic Institute 14.07.05
Broadcasting and the idea of the public 05.07.05
Speech given at the Churches' Media Conference 06.06.05
Speech to the Westminster Media Forum on response to the Green Paper 24.05.05
Transforming the BBC – address given to BBC staff 21.03.05
Angels and Emails – Stationers' Livery Lecture 07.03.05
New Statesman Lecture 07.12.04
Speech given to the Annual Conference of Specialist Schools 26.11.04
Defining Public Value – speech given at Edinburgh International Television Festival 29.08.04
Building Public Value 29.06.04
Speech given by Mark Thompson on first day as Director-General 22.06.04
Thomson, Caroline
Speech given at the IEA's The Future of Broadcasting conference 28.06.10
Public service content – funding and the changing scope of the PSBs 10.03.10
Capturing the digital opportunity for the whole UK 05.06.08
Launch of the BBC Connect And Create Partnership 11.01.08
Creating new opportunities for the nations and regions in the digital world 11.01.07
Tranter, Jane
Dramatic licence – bringing great drama to the BBC 30.06.08

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