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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC - Press Office - Building Public Value
The switch from analogue to digital television is only one part of this digital transition: creating a digital Britain is about much more than one change in one broadcast technology.
BBC - Press Office - Ashley Highfield speech to Broadband Britain Summit
Digital Britain will be Broadband Britain: if ever there was a 'white heat of technology' product, this is it.
BBC - Press Office - Mark Thompson Building Public Value
But it's important to remember that digital television is only one part of building a digital Britain. We also want to accelerate the roll-out and take-up of digital radio.
BBC - Press Office - New BBC research shows scale of Britain's digital divide
Press Releases. Accessibility links Wednesday 24 Sep 2014 Press Releases New BBC research shows scale of Britain's digital divide Date: Category: More than a fifth of all adults in the UK are still
BBC - Press Office - Mark Byford speech to Newspaper Society
Clearly we have to recognise that people are travelling at different speeds on the journey to a full digital Britain. By seizing the opportunities of digital, we're remaining as relevant as ever.
BBC - Press Office - BBC report on Digital Switchover Report
The BBC fully recognises that digital switchover has the potential to bring great economic, social and cultural value to Britain.
BBC - Press Office - David Bainbridge appointed to top BBC digital marketing role
His skills will be critical to us to maintain our reach and relevance with our digital services.
BBC - Press Office - Mark Thompson Smith Institute Media Lecture
This is building digital Britain, the centrepiece of which is the colossal task of switchover from analogue to digital television.
BBC - Press Office - Speech to BBC staff on delivering Creative Future
Build Digital Britain   The fourth theme is our mission to help build digital Britain. We're going to go on building support for digital radio.
BBC - Press Office - Andy Duncan FT speech extracts
We believe this is a world record for the launch of any digital platform. For many - pay digital will still be the right approach.
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