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2 September 2014
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Network TV Week 50

Wednesday 10 December 2008

BBC ONE Wednesday 10 December 2008
Little Dorrit Ep 13/14
Wednesday 10 December
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE
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Mr Dorrit has returned to Venice a shadow of his former self, in the penultimate episode of Andrew Davies's adaptation of the Dickensian drama. Unravelled by the constant reminders in London of his unhappy, shameful past, Mr Dorrit begins to fall apart while Amy looks on, powerless. His one remaining wish is for a future together with Mrs General, but is the contemplation of such a future enough to spur him on?


Meanwhile, Pancks discovers the whereabouts of Miss Wade for Arthur, who wastes no time in heading to her new address in Whitstable to ask her where he might find Rigaud. He's increasingly convinced that Rigaud's hold over the House of Clennam has something to do with the family's secret past – and he's determined to put a stop to Rigaud's machinations and uncover the truth about that past for himself.


Tom Courtenay is William Dorrit, Claire Foy is Amy Dorrit, Pam Ferris is Mrs General, Eddie Marsan is Pancks, Maxine Peake is Miss Wade, Matthew Macfadyen is Arthur Clennam and Andy Serkis is Rigaud.




BBC TWO Wednesday 10 December 2008
Oceans – The Mediterranean Ep 7/8
Wednesday 10 December
8.00-9.00pm BBC TWO


Tooni Mahto snorkels in the Mediterranean
Tooni Mahto snorkels in the

Surrounded by Europe, Asia and Africa, the Mediterranean Sea's coastline is one of the most densely populated in the world. Western civilisation developed around these shores – but now human activity is threatening to destroy it.


In this episode of the series delving into the hidden stories of the planet's oceans, explorer Paul Rose, environmentalist Philippe Cousteau Jr, maritime archaeologist Dr Lucy Blue and marine biologist and oceanographer Tooni Mahto embark on an expedition to explore the profound effect that man has on this endangered sea.


Under cover of night, they dive the treacherous Straits of Messina, where the team is hoping to find and film one of the largest predatory sharks in the world, the increasingly threatened six-gill shark. This shark normally lives several hundred metres below sea level, so is rarely seen. But here in the Straits, tides and currents force deep sea water through a narrow, shallow bottleneck, bringing with it the six-gill shark – a living fossil which closely resembles prehistoric sharks from 200 million years ago.


The team also dives the remains of the cargo of a Roman shipwreck to find out how the Mediterranean gave rise to Europe's first super-power.


They explore a perilous network of submerged caves to look for rare rock formations, evidence of huge changes to the Mediterranean which transformed the coastline and created the ideal conditions for people to settle here.


Atlantic bluefin tuna have been an important part of Mediterranean culture for thousands of years. Today, industrial fishing techniques are having an enormous impact on this sea. Diving a tuna farm is the only way for the team to get up close to schools of bluefin tuna, as they witness a once-abundant fish, now at risk of extinction.


Finally, the team investigates whether the sparkling blue waters of this sea could be a breeding ground for the feared great white shark.




BBC THREE Wednesday 10 December 2008
The Last Millionaire
Ep 5/6
Wednesday 10 December
9.00-10.00pm BBC THREE


With last week's winners, Jason and Dimple, safely back home with their reputations intact, the four remaining contestants hit Bangkok, as the series which pitches 12 of Britain's brightest young entrepreneurs against each other to see who can create the most profitable businesses from scratch, continues. Here, they must build businesses around the theme of sport and leisure.


The two remaining pairs are determined to outwit their opponents and wipe the floor with the competition. This week, James and Carl try to sell the concept for online ticket sales for Thai boxing; and Lucy and Natalie plan to provide pamper parties for weary backpackers. They are two very different businesses, but both duos are keenly aware that they are only one week from the final showdown: when the last two entrepreneurs will have to go head to head in a desperate duel to avoid becoming the ultimate loser.


As the week draws to a close and the winners are announced, the remaining two entrepreneurs can only watch with envy as the most successful duo head back to their glamorous lives. Next week's final stop is Hong Kong, where the last two know that it is their final chance to prove themselves before one is crowned The Last Millionaire.


Other programmes in BBC Three's Money Season include Filthy, Rich And Famous, How To Rob A Bank and The Way To Riches.




BBC FOUR Wednesday 10 December 2008
The Medici – Makers Of Modern Art

Wednesday 10 December
9.00-10.00pm BBC FOUR


Andrew Graham-Dixon takes a look at the dominance and significance of the Medici family in The Medici – Makers Of Modern Art, as BBC Four's The Art Of Italy continues.


Collecting art is seen as the ultimate sign of opulence and power today. This is largely due to the Medici family of 15th-century Italy: they were the greatest patrons of the Renaissance, bankrolling the most wonderful art the world had ever seen.


Andrew explores how the family moved from being humble money-lenders to becoming the wealthiest and most influential people in Italy. To escape the damnation of the Church they funded some of the most powerful images in art, but in doing so helped to create modern capitalism.


Achieving this position made the Medicis a highly controversial family, and Andrew explores how their lives were threatened by business rivals; and how they became victims of the most brutal form of artistic censorship, the infamous "Bonfire of the Vanities".


Andrew discovers the monetary roots of great masterpieces such as Michelangelo's chapel in San Lorenzo and the sculptures of Donatello, and reveals how the Medicis achieved their own immortality through being portrayed in religious artwork.


Andrew also uncovers how the artistic tastes of one grand family changed the course of Western culture for ever.





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