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29 October 2014
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Network TV Week 49

Monday 1 December 2008

BBC ONE Monday 1 December 2008
The Sarah Jane Adventures –
The Temptation Of Sarah Jane Smith (Part 2)

Monday 1 December
4.35-5.00pm BBC ONE
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Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen) has to defeat the Trickster, as the drama continues
Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen)
has to defeat the Trickster, as
the drama continues

Clyde and Rani, trapped in a devastated alternative world with the survivors of mankind, make a desperate bargain with The Graske, in the concluding part of this two-episode adventure.


Then Rani travels to 1951 to help Sarah Jane, who has been reunited with her long-lost parents. Sarah Jane needs to defeat the Trickster – but will the price she has to pay be too high?


Clyde is played by Daniel Anthony, Rani by Anjil Mohindra and Sarah Jane Smith by Elisabeth Sladen.



Monday 1 December
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

Shirley is in for a surprise when Heather discovers a shocking secret about Suzy, in this week's first visit to Albert Square. Meanwhile, Jack takes drastic action to get back at Max.


Elsewhere, doting new parents Sean and Roxy wait anxiously by Amy's ventilator.


Shirley is played by Linda Henry, Heather by Cheryl Fergison, Suzy by Maggie O'Neill, Jack by Scott Maslen, Max by Jake Wood, Sean by Rob Kazinsky and Roxy by Rita Simons.



Spooks Ep 7/8
Monday 1 December
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

Harry (Peter Firth) is arrested and it becomes clear he's been framed
Harry (Peter Firth) is arrested
and it becomes clear he's been

Sugarhorse, a top-secret MI5 operation set up to destabilise Russia's nuclear capability, is at risk of collapse when an asset is found dead, in tonight's episode of the spy drama. Harry quickly realises he's been framed as the Russian mole and, with his arrest imminent, contacts Lucas for help.


With the clock ticking, Lucas travels to Russia to meet with one of Harry's trusted contacts, Maria, who has intelligence that can help protect Britain from nuclear attack. But the Russians are on to him and, shortly after he discovers where the intelligence is hidden, Maria is murdered.


Meanwhile, Harry's house is stormed and he is arrested. Richard Dolby, Director-General of MI5, grills him for information but Harry insists he has been set up by ex-MI5 officer Bernard Qualtrough. Dolby remains unconvinced and sends in a brutal interrogator.


Back on the grid, Dolby informs Ros of Harry's arrest and tells her to investigate the death of the Sugarhorse asset. He warns her that all communications are being monitored, and Ros knows if they are to prove Harry's innocence the team must urgently outsmart those listening in.


With the Russian intelligence services closing in, Lucas finds the location where the information has been hidden and is horrified to uncover the identity of the mole.


Back in London, Ros visits Harry – who sends her a coded message. Meanwhile, Ben notices an inconsistency with the Sugarhorse asset's death and visits the archive to dig deeper. When Lucas calls Ben to reveal the traitor's identity, Ben doesn't realise just how close the mole is...


Harry Pearce is played by Peter Firth, Lucas North by Richard Armitage, Maria Connolly by Anastasia Hille, Richard Dolby by Robert East, Bernard Qualtrough by Richard Johnson, Ros Myers by Hermione Norris and Ben Kaplan by Alex Lanipekun.




BBC TWO Monday 1 December 2008
Forced To Marry – This World
Monday 1 December
7.00-8.00pm BBC TWO
(Schedule addition Tuesday 11 November)

Entrepreneur and TV presenter Saira Khan travels to her parents' country of origin, Pakistan, to reveal the shocking cases dealt with by the British High Commission's Assistance Unit and the wider issues around forced marriages both in Pakistan and the UK.


Forced To Marry, a This World documentary, has unique access as it follows the work of this groundbreaking team and unveils the moving and dramatic stories of British citizens who risk rejection, loneliness and sometimes their lives, to break out of unwanted marriages.


Often misunderstood as a religious tradition, forced marriage, as opposed to arranged marriage, is carried out against the victims' will, or under duress, and is still a major threat for a number of British men and women.


This film follows Albert David and Theepan Salvaratnam, consular staff in Pakistan, on a number of dramatic rescues in remote and rural Pakistan. As the practice of forced marriage is still rife in certain regions, the team often walks into highly charged and potentially dangerous situations.


Acting on distressed phone calls or text messages, Albert and Theepan enlist the help of local police to track down the victim's location. They then ask for time alone with the women in order to establish her situation, and to offer her safe passage back to Britain via Islamabad.


The film tells the dramatic stories of Tanya and Rubina (not their real names) who approached the Unit for help. Tanya has been forced to marry a cousin she barely knows and she has taken the difficult decision to escape and return to the UK. Rubina, who carries signs of physical abuse, is finding it hard to break free.


Tackling hundreds of cases every year, the UK Unit is considered one of the world's experts in fighting forced marriages – some of which lead to "honour killings". Stigmatised and often ignored, the issue of forced marriage is still a dangerous problem for some British citizens and this unique documentary shows the dramatic steps the Foreign Office is taking to protect them abroad.



Indian Food Made Easy Ep 4/6
Monday 1 December
8.30-9.00pm BBC TWO

Anjum Anand continues to reveal how different flavours of the Indian subcontinent can be found throughout the UK, and tonight travels to Edinburgh to meet Wendy Barrie. Wendy is a champion of Scottish food and a local culinary celebrity, thanks to her popular cookery demonstrations.


Wendy's traditional Scottish food is always a hit, but she has decided to go on a voyage of gastronomic discovery and cook Indian food for the first time. Anjum is on hand to show Wendy how to cook three delicious Punjabi dishes, which Wendy must, in turn, demonstrate to her many fans at one of Scotland's biggest gardening festivals.


The first dish is a flavoursome tarka dal. Wendy then takes a break from the kitchen and visits the local Punjabi community, in order to get a real flavour of the local cuisine. She meets Tony Singh – one of Scotland's best chefs – to uncover the secret of how to make wonderful rotis, or Indian breads.


With two more dishes to learn, Anjum cooks up luscious chicken in spinach and puts an Indian twist on a Scottish dessert, Punjabi Cranachan. To complete Wendy's Indian experience she meets Tasnim, a maths teacher at her local school and a wonderful home cook, who shows Wendy how to make perfect pecoras.


Finally it's the day of the festival, where 100 people turn up to watch Wendy's demonstration. In just an hour she must convince her audience that Indian food is simple and speedy to make. By putting Anjum's helpful hints and tips into practice, will Wendy's food become the talk of the festival?



World War II – Behind Closed Doors:
Stalin, The Nazis And The West
Ep 4/6
Monday 1 December
9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO

Stalin's ruthlessness is examined
Stalin's ruthlessness is examined

The clash of values between Churchill and Roosevelt on one hand, and Joseph Stalin on the other, is investigated tonight, as Laurence Rees's series, which takes a fresh look at the Second World War, continues.


In 1944, the Soviets were beginning to recapture the territory in Eastern Poland that they had last occupied three years before.


Tonight's programme examines how the Western Allies dealt with Stalin over the future of Poland. As records from secret meetings reveal, it was a test of the integrity of the whole alliance – not least because Poland was the very country the British had gone to war to protect.


The British were playing what they hoped were clever politics. By letting Stalin have the territory in Eastern Poland he wanted, Churchill thought he would then be more co-operative over allowing an independent government for the new Poland.


But with more Soviet atrocities coming to light by the day, contrary to what many in Britain and America wanted to believe, Stalin was as ruthless as ever.





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