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11 July 2014
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Network TV Week 48

Wednesday 26 November 2008

BBC ONE Wednesday 26 November 2008
Wednesday 26 November
1.45-2.15pm BBC ONE


After years of indulging his wife, Mary's, bragging about their high-achieving daughter, Peter Peyton finally gets an opportunity to reveal how his wife was so ashamed when their other daughter was born with Down's Syndrome that they gave her away. However, Peter secretly stayed in touch with the child and supported her for years, and Melody helps to reunite the three of them as a family, as the drama set in a Midlands medical centre continues.


Meanwhile, Heston spends the day asking the female doctors about their ideal dates, pretending that he is doing some research for a friend. But Julia discovers that he has a crush on Lily and isn't pleased that he seems to have hired her solely for that reason.


Michelle can't believe that Archie still hasn't asked Kirsten on a date, but he gets his chance when she pops into The Mill again.


Elsewhere, Vivien is subdued as she awaits news on the final sentencing of the two boys who assaulted her. However, Ronnie calls to let her know that the hearing has been delayed until tomorrow.


Finally, Ruth is excited about her holiday with Michelle.


Melody is played by Elizabeth Bower, Heston by Owen Brenman, Julia by Diane Keen, Lily by Seeta Indrani, Michelle by Donnaleigh Bailey, Archie by Matt Kennard, Kirsten by Vanessa Hehir, Vivien by Anita Carey, Ronnie by Sean Gleeson and Ruth by Selina Chilton. Peter and Mary Peyton are played by guest stars Huw Higginson and Lizzy McInnery.



Little Dorrit Ep 9/14
Wednesday 26 November
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE
Press pack


Amy (Claire Foy) struggles to adapt to her new, wealthy lifestyle
Amy (Claire Foy) struggles to
adapt to her new, wealthy

The Dorrits's Grand Tour takes them on to Venice, as Andrew Davies's adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic continues. Unlike the rest of the family, Amy is struggling to adapt to her new, wealthy lifestyle. Mr Dorrit can't understand why and begins to lose patience with her, particularly as she keeps making reference to the old days – the very times that he longs to obliterate from his memory. Amy's uncle, Frederick, is the only one who seems sympathetic to how she feels.


Back in London, Arthur finds himself missing Amy and throws himself into his work, resolving to take up Doyce's case at the Circumlocution Office.


Amy and Arthur begin a correspondence and these letters, along with Amy's growing friendship with Pet, are what keep her going. However, every time Amy wants to see Pet, she finds she has to see Rigaud, too. And, much to her discomfort, Rigaud seems intent on finding out more about her – whether she likes it or not.


Amy Dorrit is played by Claire Foy, William Dorrit by Tom Courtenay, Frederick Dorrit by James Fleet, Arthur Clennam by Matthew Macfadyen, Daniel Doyce by Zubin Varla, Pet Gowan by Georgia King and Rigaud by Andy Serkis.




BBC TWO Wednesday 26 November 2008
Oceans – The Red Sea Ep 3/8
Wednesday 26 November
8.00-9.00pm BBC TWO


Lucy Blue takes part in a colourful adventure in the Red Sea
Lucy Blue takes part in a
colourful adventure in the
Red Sea

The Southern Red Sea – a world away from the tourist diving Mecca of the north – is explored as the series delving into the hidden stories of the planet's oceans continues.


Travelling over 600 miles through the waters of Djibouti, Eritrea and Sudan, this expedition to the Southern Red Sea is a voyage through remote and untouched areas.


Led by explorer Paul Rose and, with him, environmentalist Philippe Cousteau Jr, maritime archaeologist Dr Lucy Blue and marine biologist and oceanographer Tooni Mahto, it is a rare chance to explore places where only a handful of scientists have been before.


The Red Sea can help answer critical questions about our own past and the future of the oceans.


Archaeological sites along these shores are amongst the oldest on Earth, and the team searches for evidence of one of early modern human's first encounters with the sea.


They explore one of only two places on the planet where it is possible to discover how oceans are formed.


The Red Sea is one of the warmest seas in the world, and coral reefs flourish here. In the face of global warming, Oceans sets out to discover whether these waters could hold the key to the future health of coral in the world's oceans.


It is also a rich and productive environment that has escaped intensive commercial fishing pressures. As 17 per cent of fish here are not found anywhere else in the world, the team has a rare chance to explore marine life. This life can offer clues to what the world's oceans used to look like before they were exploited.


For Philippe Cousteau Jr, this expedition is also a more personal mission: this is his first visit to the remains of an ambitious underwater village established by his grandfather, Jacques Cousteau, to discover whether humans could ever live under water.




BBC THREE Wednesday 26 November 2008
The Last Millionaire
Ep 3/6
Wednesday 26 November
9.00-10.00pm BBC THREE


Eight business whizz kids remain in the series in which 12 of Britain's most successful young entrepreneurs compete to see who can create the most profitable businesses in six different cities across the world. Completely out of their comfort zones, stripped of all luxury, they're tested to see how successfully they can create a business from scratch in a different sector and a different country each week.


With last week's winners safely back home with their entrepreneurial reputations intact, the remaining octet hits Cairo. This week each pair must build businesses from scratch around the theme of tourism.


After failing to escape in the first two weeks, the remaining competitors are even more determined to outwit their opponents and wipe the floor with the competition. In new pairings, they hit the streets of Cairo and let battle commence.


The businesses this week range from Lianne and Nathaniel's sponsored lecture on the Boy King Tutankhamen to Natalie and Jason's luxury experience packages for high-rolling tourists, and from Lucy and Carl's advertising concept aimed at the budget traveller to Dimple and James's workshop for Egyptian entrepreneurs. All are very different and all are underpinned by their desperation to fly home as this week's winners. One duo even resorts to selling camel rides by the Pyramids to earn extra cash...


As the week draws to a close and the winners are announced, the remaining six entrepreneurs can only watch with envy as the most successful duo heads back to their glamorous lives.


Other programmes in the BBC Three Money Season, which runs throughout November and December, include Filthy, Rich And Famous, How To Rob A Bank and The Way To Riches.




BBC FOUR Wednesday 26 November 2008
Travels With Vasari
Ep 1/2
Wednesday 26 November
9.00-10.00pm BBC FOUR


Andrew Graham-Dixon heads to Italy as he explores why this passionate and picturesque country has created some of the best-loved art the world has ever seen. BBC Four's The Art Of Italy comprises three programmes which shine a light on some of the powerful individuals who funded, crafted and inspired the masterpieces behind arguably the most influential period in the history of art.


The Renaissance was a golden time when much of our understanding of art and culture was set. Giorgio Vasari spent most of his life trying to capture this through researching, writing and rewriting his monumental Lives Of The Most Excellent Painters Sculptors And Architects, a history of Italian art from Giotto to Michelangelo, which was first published in 1550.


In this engrossing and intriguing story, Andrew goes on a personal journey in search of the world's first art critic, the man who "created" Renaissance art. With Vasari's book as his guide, he retraces the author's journey across the length and breadth of Italy in an attempt to discover the man behind the Lives Of The Artists. The paintings, sculptures and buildings he explores along the way are nothing short of extraordinary.


Andrew starts his journey in the picturesque town of Arezzo in Tuscany, Vasari's birthplace, and traces art's rebirth and the rediscovery of "glories of antiquity" – from the amazing frescoes of Giotto in Santa Croce, through the "Holy Trinity of art", Masaccio, Donatello and Brunelleschi, to the Vasari-designed corridor in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.


Andrew's journey aims to give an entirely fresh perspective on the most astonishing art ever seen. He attempts to paint a portrait of a complex, humane and entertaining individual, who lived during one of the most exciting periods in European history.





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