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29 October 2014
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Network TV Week 48

Thursday 27 November 2008

BBC ONE Thursday 27 November 2008
Thursday 27 November
1.45-2.15pm BBC ONE

When a lecturer in Saxon history dies, Vivien visits his widow, who is a friend of hers, as the drama series centred on a Midlands health centre continues. They are both surprised when they are met by the late husband's Norwegian girlfriend, who promptly steals away his ashes to fulfil her partner's last wishes of a Viking funeral. When they track her down, Vivien helps the women reach a compromise.


Vivien finally receives the call from Ronnie she's been waiting for. Ryan received a 10-year sentence, and Lee eight years. Ronnie is surprised at her lack of reaction but Vivien feigns relief to end the call. She goes to see Mary to tell her the news. Mary is now conscious, although heavily sedated so unable to talk, but Vivien is warmed as Mary signals her relief. However, it is not long before Vivien is feeling empty once again.


Meanwhile, Sasha, a temp receptionist at the Campus, causes Archie to have a bad day.


Vivien is played by Anita Carey, Ronnie by Sean Gleeson and Archie by Matt Kennard. Sasha Ecclestone is played by guest star Siobhan Hayes.



Election Ep 7/10
Thursday 27 November
4.35-5.00pm BBC ONE
Press pack

With just five contestants remaining, the competition is hotting up for the remaining youngsters in CBBC's dynamic political reality TV series and definitive leadership challenge for 11- to 14-year-olds. This week's Test Of Skills shows the serious contenders the power of a big campaign. Guest mentor Ken Livingstone sets out the opening Test Of Skills by explaining that politicians often need to win support for difficult ideas.


Ken asks the children to petition the public on an environmental idea which has merit, but isn't immediately popular. They have to come up with strong arguments for it and win people over. His campaign of choice is "Don't flush the loo if you've only had a pee". A third of all water coming into the home is flushed down the toilet and Ken believes this is unnecessarily wasteful. The kids start gathering their facts and get out on the streets. Ken's impressed with their verve and commitment – but who will he declare the winner?


Having established the basics, the teams are now set their main Leadership Challenge. This week they have to devise and pitch a marketing campaign for a new brand of Fairtrade chocolate for kids to an audience of marketing professionals. The teams set out to design their confectionary, including its packaging, poster and a viral campaign for mobile phones, but which will impress the panel of marketeers?


While the winners celebrate, the losing team heads back to the Election Leadership House to face Jonathan Dimbleby.



Thursday 27 November
7.30-8.00pm BBC ONE

Whitney nearly catches out Tony when he buys concert tickets for Lauren, in the latest action from Albert Square.


Elsewhere, Shirley insists Heather takes a sickie so they can spend the day together.


Meanwhile, at the café, Ian is trying to sell as much of his stock as possible and is being very pushy.


Whitney is played by Shona McGarty, Tony by Chris Coghill, Lauren by Madeline Duggan, Shirley by Linda Henry, Heather by Cheryl Fergison and Ian by Adam Woodyatt.



Little Dorrit Ep 10/14
Thursday 27 November
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE
Press pack

The English expats in Venice are thrown into each other's company a great deal, as Andrew Davies's adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic continues. While Mr Dorrit is overjoyed to be hobnobbing with the very cream of London Society abroad, Mrs Merdle is appalled to find her son, Edmund Sparkler, once more under Fanny Dorrit's spell. She will stop at nothing to prevent her son from such an ignoble match and enlists the help of her husband, Mr Merdle, to find any way they can of getting Sparkler away from Fanny.


Meanwhile, back in England, Mr and Mrs Meagles receive a visit from Henry Gowan's mother, the snobbish Mrs Gowan, who remains adamant in her self-invented myth that the Meagleses trapped her son into marriage.


At the Clennam house Arthur encounters the stranger Rigaud, recently returned from Venice, on his mother's doorstep. He realises immediately that Rigaud is a criminal, but what business could he possibly have with Mrs Clennam?


William Dorrit is played by Tom Courtenay, Mrs Merdle by Amanda Redman, Edmund Sparkler by Sebastian Armesto, Fanny Dorrit by Emma Pierson, Mr Merdle by Anton Lesser, Mr Meagles by Bill Paterson, Mrs Meagles by Janine Duvitski, Henry Gowan by Alex Wyndham, Mrs Gowan by Harriet Walter, Arthur Clennam by Matthew Macfadyen, Rigaud by Andy Serkis and Mrs Clennam by Judy Parfitt.



Apparitions Ep 3/6
Thursday 27 November
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

Father Jacob is called to a prison by Lassiter, the prison governor, when a serial rapist, Cory Wardell, begins to exhibit signs of possession, as the supernatural drama series starring Martin Shaw continues.


Jacob is astonished to find that Cory seems to be possessed by the patron saint of rape victims. Sister Ruth learns of Jacob's activities and informs Bukovak. She is equally disturbed by the presence of Michael who, having lost his memory, is now residing in the seminary; she finds it hard to swallow Jacob's excuses for him.


The roots of Cory's possession are proving difficult to untangle. Jacob decides to spend a night in Cory's cell, accompanied by the prison chaplain, Father Daniel, to see if the devil or saint will reveal itself. That night, Daniel receives a frightening apparition: a demon in the form of a young woman warns him of a pregnancy that will give rise to a Satanic annunciation.


Cory escapes the prison and goes to the seminary, where he attacks Sister Ruth and is fought off by Michael. Jacob's latest charge is beginning to gather more clues about his past having bumped into an ex-girlfriend. Back at the prison, Daniel recognises the young woman from his dream as Mary Portman, a missing person connected to Cory's case. Jacob suspects that Mary's mother, Kim, may be involved – but what secret is she hiding?


Father Jacob is played by Martin Shaw, Lassiter by Neil Pearson, Cory Wardell by Stephen Wight, Sister Ruth by Siobhan Finneran, Cardinal Bukovak by John Shrapnel, Michael by Rick Warden, Father Daniel by David Gyasi, Mary Portman by Jenna Southworth and Kim Portman by Elizabeth Berrington.




BBC TWO Thursday 27 November 2008
Oceans – The Atlantic Ocean Ep 4/8
Thursday 27 November
8.00-9.00pm BBC TWO

Philippe Cousteau Jr and Lucy Blue find a poisonous lionfish as they journey into the Atlantic Ocean
Philippe Cousteau Jr and Lucy
Blue find a poisonous lionfish
as they journey into the Atlantic

The Atlantic, the youngest of the great oceans, is one of the most significant bodies of water on the planet, playing a critical role in influencing our climate. And in just one corner of this enormous ocean there's crucial evidence of our oceans' past and clues about their future.


Paul Rose, Philippe Cousteau Jr, Dr Lucy Blue and Tooni Mahto base themselves around a group of islands in the west of the Atlantic, the Bahamas. Here, on the island of Andros, is a unique marine ecosystem. The team dives into a black hole to discover what our oceans would have looked like 3.5 billion years ago, when they were little more than a toxic soup.


The Atlantic Ocean around the Bahamas is one of only two places in the world where stromatolites exist. Here, the expedition investigates the oldest living evidence of life on Earth. Over billions of years they produced enough oxygen to transform the oceans into the life-giving waters they are today.


The first inhabitants of the Bahamas are thought to have arrived here in small boats from South America – by drifting on the ocean currents. The Lucayan people lived here for almost a thousand years until they were wiped out in a single generation by Western migrants. As Dr Lucy Blue becomes the first archaeologist to explore an extraordinary chain of submerged caverns, will she find the remains of the Lucayans who buried their dead in the island's underwater cave systems?


The team also looks for lost British warship HMS Southampton, which was shipwrecked after winning a battle against an American vessel in 1812. They dive a wreck site on the stormy eastern edge of the Bahamas to try to identify the lost ship.


The group also tests shark repellent, and explores how the Atlantic has been invaded by poisonous lionfish which are decimating local fish stocks.




CBBC Thursday 27 November 2008
Thursday 27 November
5.15-5.45pm CBBC

Stefan Gates explodes some jelly babies as he sets out to discover how food becomes the body's fuel
Stefan Gates explodes some
jelly babies as he sets out to
discover how food becomes
the body's fuel

Gastronuts challenges food champion Stefan Gates to find out how food becomes fuel for the body. In a set of mouth-watering experiments and food fun, Stefan leads his intrepid bunch on a new, delicious adventure involving exploding jelly babies.


It's common knowledge that if people don't eat they won't have enough energy to walk about, go to school or play games – but how does food provide fuel, and could machines be powered with food too? Some cars run on oil or poo, but Stefan runs a radio on potato power before taking his gang out to lunch cooked in the biggest compost heap in the country.





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