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27 November 2014
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Network TV Week 48

Monday 24 November 2008

BBC ONE Monday 24 November 2008
Monday 24 November
1.45-2.15pm BBC ONE

A university vice-chancellor knocks down a young girl in this week's first visit to the Midlands-based medical drama. The man then falsely accuses Jimmi of misdiagnosing epilepsy. After looking at a collage made by the injured girl, Ruth discovers the chancellor has been having an affair, and saves the day by threatening to tell the chancellor's wife the truth.


Meanwhile, Archie and Michelle go to an eco fair and meet Kirsten, a postgraduate student in environmental studies.


Julia assumes Vivien must be feeling much better now the trial is over. Lily realises this is not the case and offers Vivien an opportunity to talk about how she is feeling. Vivien is dismissive of Lily's offer, but remains troubled.


Heston agonises over finding the perfect place for a date with Lily but, when he finally plucks up the courage to ask her, she turns him down.


Jimmi is played by Adrian Lewis Morgan, Ruth by Selina Chilton, Archie by Matt Kennard, Michelle by Donnaleigh Bailey, Kirsten by Vanessa Hehir, Julia by Diane Keen, Vivien by Anita Carey, Lily by Seeta Indrani and Heston by Owen Brenman.



The Sarah Jane Adventures –
The Temptation Of Sarah Jane Smith (Part 1)

Monday 24 November
4.35-5.00pm BBC ONE
Press pack

Sarah Jane and the gang embark on another exciting new adventure this week as the children's drama series, produced by Russell T Davies, continues.


When Sarah Jane returns a boy who has slipped through a time fissure back to 1951, she realises she has found a way to meet the parents she never knew. But is it a trap? Sarah Jane and Luke fall victim to a revenge plot by The Trickster.


Sarah Jane Smith is played by Elisabeth Sladen and Luke by Thomas Knight.



Monday 24 November
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

Max is becoming increasingly frustrated as he attempts to uncover the truth about what happened to him, in tonight's visit to Albert Square.


Elsewhere, Lucas and Chelsea become closer, but will the kiss he shared with Denise ruin things?


Max is played by Jake Wood, Lucas by Don Gilet, Chelsea by Tiana Benjamin and Denise by Diane Parish.



Spooks Ep 6/8
Monday 24 November
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

Lucas (Richard Armitage) goes in search of an assassin's toolkit
Lucas (Richard Armitage) goes
in search of an assassin's

The team at MI5 is responsible for security at an emergency Middle Eastern peace summit in London, following a recent Israeli attack on Gaza, as the spy drama continues. Amidst the preparations, they learn a key part of an assassin's toolkit is being sold online, causing major concerns and prompting an immediate mission to retrieve it.


Lucas discovers the vendor is Dean Mitchell, a teenager who inadvertently witnessed an assassination and subsequently got hold of the murderer's kit bag. While visiting Dean, Lucas catches sight of an armed snatch squad waiting outside, proving MI5 are not the only ones interested in Dean's goods.


Back on the grid, the team unearth a plot by MI6 to assassinate the Chief UN Negotiator who's in London for the peace summit. Further investigation reveals a photographer took incriminating pictures that could expose their plans. To safeguard MI6's actions, the photographer was killed – right before Dean's eyes.


As well as witnessing the murder, MI6 also believes Dean is in possession of the damaging photographs. In such a vulnerable position, the team pulls out all the stops to protect Dean but, with MI6 hot on the trail, can MI5 successfully lead him to safety?


Meanwhile, Harry receives an unexpected message from Asset K, a Russian sleeper agent who wants to meet to disclose details of the mole who tried to sabotage a 20-year British intelligence operation. Harry entrusts Connie with the task of retrieving the file which will reveal the MI5 traitor. As Harry opens the file he is unprepared for the shocking information it contains...


Lucas North is played by Richard Armitage, Dean Mitchell by Jacob Anderson, Harry Pearce by Peter Firth and Connie James by Gemma Jones.




BBC TWO Monday 24 November 2008
Indian Food Made Easy Ep 3/6
Monday 24 November
8.30-9.00pm BBC TWO

Spice queen Anjum Anand visits London as her journey around the UK to track down the different flavours of the Indian subcontinent continues. There, she meets James Moody, a self-confessed foodie who loves throwing dinner parties for his friends. James enjoys Indian food but is daunted by the prospect of cooking it and apprehensive about the numerous components he believes the dishes require.


With Brick Lane nearby, Anjum introduces James to the delicious fish dishes available on his doorstep. Feeling inspired, they head back to the kitchen where Anjum shows James how to cook up a Bengali feast. The first recipe James must master is a Bengali fish stew.


Next it's off to the restaurant of top Bengali chef Udit Sarkhel for a hands-on experience making keema stuffed mashed potatoes.


Anjum's final two dishes for James are a sumptuous and earthy butternut squash dish with chickpeas and a wonderful combination of prawns, mustard and coconut.


James must now use his new culinary skills to cook for his friends. With his dinner party reputation at stake, Anjum's calm helping hand ensures James can't help but impress.



World War II – Behind Closed Doors:
Stalin, The Nazis And The West
Ep 3/6
Monday 24 November
9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO

The clash of values between Churchill and Roosevelt on one hand, and Joseph Stalin on the other, is investigated as Laurence Rees's series, which takes a fresh look at the Second World War, continues.


On 12 August 1942, Stalin finally came face-to-face in Moscow with his wartime ally, Winston Churchill. However, despite the upbeat newsreels of the time, it was hardly a meeting of minds. As one of Churchill's generals later remarked: "We were going into the lion's den and we weren't going to feed him."


The Western leaders knew Stalin was a tyrant who had ordered the death of hundreds of his own citizens. The problem was, just how were they to work with one tyrant to defeat another?


Stalin had a deep mistrust of the West and believed the Western Allies were betraying him – not least by failing to launch D-Day as early as he thought they had promised (in order to help relieve the pressure on the Eastern front). He also had a hatred of Poles, and designs on regaining Polish territory that he had gained as a result of his pact with the Nazis in 1939 but subsequently lost to the advancing German army in 1941.


Featuring exclusive interviews with surviving Russian, Polish, American and British veterans, and based in part on unique and extensive research in recently opened Russian archives, this episode illustrates the tenuous, and often perilous, bond that dogged the alliance between the West and Stalin. This bond was shaken to its core by the German army's very public discovery, in 1943, of the mass graves of Polish officers massacred by Stalin at Katyn in 1940; a crime which Stalin went to quite extraordinary lengths to cover up from his Western Allies.




BBC THREE Monday 24 November 2008
Clone Ep 2/6
Monday 24 November
8.30-9.00pm BBC THREE
Press pack

Victor (Jonathan Pryce) and  The Clone (Stuart McLoughlin) hide out in the Lake District
Victor (Jonathan Pryce) and
The Clone (Stuart McLoughlin)
hide out in the Lake District

BBC Three's classic fish-out-of-water comedy continues, as the Clone, an innocent being, sees and experiences the world for the first time. He and his cold-hearted creator, Victor – a modern-day Dr Frankenstein – go on the run, hoping to find the neurological trigger that will fix the clone and unlock his superhuman abilities. Unfortunately, they must also avoid Colonel Black and his crack team of security agents – whose mission is to find them and kill them.


In this second episode, Victor and the Clone hide out in a small village in the Lake District. Victor meets a woman named Rose, who he thinks might be able to help fix the Clone. Now all he needs is a little bit of her brain...


Meanwhile, the Clone gets a name in an effort to blend in.


Victor is played by Jonathan Pryce, the Clone by Stuart McLoughlin, Colonel Black by Mark Gatiss and Rose by Fiona Glascott.




CBBC Monday 24 November 2008
The Pinky & Perky Show Ep 16/20
Monday 24 to Friday 28 November
5.45-6.00pm CBBC

From a mundane outbreak of teenage acne to the presence of a Hollywood megastar, the twin pigs have more comedy capers to deal with, as the new computer-generated animation series, bringing the beloved puppet stars of the Sixties and Seventies bang up to date with a 21st-century animated make over, continues.


On Monday, Perky has hired Cameron the Chameleon, a documentary-maker, to cover a typical day in the life of the talented, modest global megastar. Perky wants to be portrayed in a good light, but he struggles to keep up his charming, generous front for long and is soon exposed by the camera – it is down to Pinky to save the show.


Pinky and Perky arrive at PPCTV to the sound of screaming fans on Tuesday. The fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of mega popstar Jason Jasons, but Pinky and Perky are less than impressed by his demands. Jason's top celebrity agent, Simon Cow, promises Perky the chance of a glittering music career, but Pinky smells a rat! Pinky's suspicions turn out to be well-founded and, before long, Jason is exposed as a fraud and Simon's game is up.


Wednesday sees Sir Percival's drop-dead gorgeous niece, Penelope Saddleback, try to break into TV as a presenter. Pinky and Perky fall over themselves to help her, but when Sir Percival gives Penelope their show they have to take drastic action to get it back!


Pinky gets his chance to be a real-life Power Pig – the daring cartoon hero he created to appear alongside cartoon sidekick Porker – on Thursday. Top Hollywood movie star Grunt Warthog has been hired to play the part of Power Pig on the live show. Everyone at PPCTV is star-struck by this charismatic hunk. However, Grunt's glamorous image belies his not-so-lovely personality. When the show goes live, Grunt is exposed as a coward and Pinky turns out to be the true hero of the day.


Pinky and Perky are left without a guest on Friday when they discover that Vera has swiped Johnny Bottom to sing on Morning, Morning, Morning. Johnny was the scariest punk rocker around but, under the influence of his manager Simon Cow, he is now singing opera to appeal to an older audience. Cue emergency auditions to find a new guest, with everyone trying out including, Pinky and Perky.





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