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29 October 2014
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Network TV Week 45

Thursday 6 November 2008

BBC ONE Thursday 6 November 2008
Thursday 6 November
1.45-2.15pm BBC ONE

The owner of a shabby but well-run hotel, a ladies man with a heart condition, gives his daughter some money he has borrowed from his wealthy partner, in today's visit to the Midlands-based health centre. All is fine until the man's partner sets a date to marry the daughter, something her father never anticipated or wanted.


When an elderly hotel resident dies, meanwhile, the daughter pretends it is her father, in an attempt to escape their debts and the clutches of his partner. But George becomes suspicious and eventually finds out the truth.


Back at the Mill, Heston brings Andy, a young offender who he has been mentoring, in to the surgery to meet Melody. Melody asks if Heston would assess her for her GP accreditation and he agrees, saying he'd be delighted.


Julia later meets Ronnie to find out if Lily's appointment is legally binding. It is, however there is a clause that states any new employee is on a three-month probation period. Lily takes this news with grace, but tells Julia that, until the probationary period is over, Julia will not be able to use any of the money Lily has bought into the partnership. Julia is not happy and feels she has been outsmarted.


George is played by Stirling Gallacher, Heston by Owen Brenman, Andy by guest star Jack Cooper, Melody by Elizabeth Bower, Julia by Diane Keen, Ronnie by Sean Gleeson and Lily by Seeta Indrani.



Election Ep 4/10
Thursday 6 November
4.35-5.00pm BBC ONE

Jonathan Dimbleby and Angellica Bell continue the search to find a true leader among the country's young people
Jonathan Dimbleby and
Angellica Bell continue the
search to find a true leader
among the country's young

CBBC has joined forces with political aficionado Jonathan Dimbleby in a nationwide search to find a true leader amongst the country's young people, as 10 children from across the nation undergo a series of leadership tests in a bid to claim the prize: a trip to No. 10 Downing Street to present their manifesto to the Prime Minister.


Over the course of 10 programmes, the participants, aged between 11 and 14, from across the UK, are whittled down to one – a vibrant and charismatic figure who wants to change the world.


The eight remaining competitors face this week's Election Leadership Challenge, designed to test their leadership potential to the max. In this episode, they must master public speaking.


But first they undertake the Test Of Skills. Dominic O'Brien, eight-times world memory champion, wows two teams with a demonstration of his memory skills and explains why memory is so important for politicians. The kids then try it for themselves, memorising a variety of strange objects. It's a test of focus, as well as skill, and some fare a lot better than others.


Having warmed up their brains, the teams now set off for this week's Election Leadership Challenge – leading a tour party down the River Thames. Here, the test is whether they can deliver the information they learn in an accurate and engaging way.


All facts and figures must be correct, and there is plenty of opportunity for error, as they work in a relay to deliver 10 key facts during their tours, and engage their audience, all within a strict time limit. Little do they know that one of their group is also a professional tour guide...


Host Angellica Bell is there to oversee proceedings while judge Jonathan Dimbleby keeps a watchful eye, but whose campaign will be over?



Thursday 6 November
7.30-8.00pm BBC ONE

Whitney is devastated when she is unable to share Tony's birthday with him, in tonight's visit to Walford.


Meanwhile, Bradley tries to work out if there is anything left for him in the Square, and Stacey patches things up with Callum – but what is his secret?


Whitney is played by Shona McGarty, Tony by Chris Coghill, Bradley by Charlie Clements, Stacey by Lacey Turner and Callum by Elliott Jordan.



Silent Witness – Finding Rachel (Part 2) Ep 12/12
Thursday 6 November
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

Nikki (Emilia Fox) is arrested when she begins a post-mortem
Nikki (Emilia Fox) is arrested
when she begins a post-mortem

Leo returns to the mission to get Rachel's laptop, in the concluding part of Finding Rachel. While her data shows that the villages with sickness were close to the river, Peter had tested the water for her, and all the samples came back clear. Leo also discovers that the day Rachel went missing she was supposed to meet Cossie, a friend from Kafemba.


Peter claims that Rachel asked him for money for the mission in the Polo Club the night before she died. In a room at the Club, Bethany is found dead and possibly raped. Nikki wants to do a post-mortem, but Harriet won't allow her daughter's body to be cut open. The coroner also wants a post-mortem, but is overruled by Katembula. So when Nikki starts the post-mortem she's arrested. Maidstone, a security guard from the mission, has also been arrested, apparently having made a run for it. He confesses to murdering Bethany.


Leo meanwhile, goes to Kafemba to try to track down Cossie, but her husband, Mizinga, says she's away. Leo takes some water samples and later returns to Kafemba with Nikki. Between them, they realise that the woman's bones they originally thought were Rachel's are, in fact, Cossie's. She was killed by her husband for disobeying him and left by the river in his hope of collecting the reward for finding Rachel.


Harry's suspicions over Emil's death are confirmed when Zambian pathologist Doctor Phiri deduces that Emil was injected with a lethal dose of diamorphine, hours after Harry operated. Doctor Phiri also discovers that Bethany was pregnant and died from a concoction taken to induce miscarriage. Maidstone admits to fabricating his confession to protect Bethany's reputation. He also reveals that Chris and Harriet forced him to turn Rachel away from the mission on the day she was killed...


At a refugee camp Rachel had visited, Nikki spots the carjackers and recalls that they drove the same Land Rover as Rachel in a recent photo. Eunice comes forward and leads them to the place where she'd found the Land Rover. In the rubbish tip close by, they recover Rachel's remains.


Using Stephen's security pass, Leo enters Peter's offices and persuades a technician to test the water samples. This time the results are very different...


Leo Dalton is played by William Gaminara, Peter by Patrick Baladi, Bethany by Nina Milner and Nikki Alexander by Emilia Fox. Harriet Andrews is played by Sian Webber, Katembula by Fana Mokoena, Maidstone by Siyabonga Shibe, Mizinga by Ronnie Nyakale, Harry Cunningham by Tom Ward, Emil by Carl Beukes, Dr Phiri by Dr John Kani, Christopher Andrews by Kevin Doyle, Eunice by Masasa Mbangeni and Stephen by Robert Pugh.




BBC TWO Thursday 6 November 2008
Beautiful People – How I Got My Globe Ep 6/6
Thursday 6 November
9.30-10.00pm BBC TWO
Press pack

Simon and Kyle are transfixed by their bohemian teacher, Miss Prentice (Frances Barber)
Simon and Kyle are transfixed
by their bohemian teacher,
Miss Prentice (Frances Barber)

Manhattan 2008 and Simon is homesick. He turns to the plastic London skyline of his snow globe and thinks of home, in the final episode of the television memoir based on the life of Simon Doonan.


The narrative switches from New York "now" to Reading ''then'' (1997), where Simon and Kyle are transfixed by their bohemian teacher, Miss Prentice, and her love of exotic cigarettes, French lovers and her understanding of the "beautiful people". When she returns to "The Smoke", a distraught Simon and Kylie decide to follow her. Will they find a real pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?


Beautiful People is written by Jonathan Harvey (Gimme Gimme Gimme) and based on the best-selling book of the same name, telling the wild childhood memoirs of Simon Doonan, Creative Director of Barneys, New York. This glittering and hilarious series explores Simon's teenage memories of his desire to live amongst the "beautiful people" from the perspective of his New York department store window.


Samuel Barnett stars as older Simon, with 13-year-old Luke Ward-Wilkinson as young Simon and Layton Williams as Kylie. Miss Prentice is played by Frances Barber, Debbie Doonan by Olivia Colman, Aunty Hayley by Meera Syal and Andy Doonan by Aidan McArdle.




CBBC Thursday 6 November 2008
Thursday 6 November
5.15-5.45pm CBBC

Food fanatic Stefan Gates and his intrepid Gastronuts go on another wild culinary adventure to discover the truth about how we eat, what we eat and where it comes from.


Along the way they indulge in hare-brained experiments, crazy cooking and eat the world's weirdest food – from scorpions to pigs' ears. This week's food adventurers set out to discover: should we eat insects?


Stefan and the Gastronuts munch their way through some bug grub, including chocolate-covered scorpions and worms on toast. They find out the health benefits of creepy crawlies and see what happens when they put them on the menu at a school canteen.





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