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29 October 2014
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Network TV Week 44

Monday 27 October 2008

BBC ONE Monday 27 October 2008
Monday 27 October
1.45-2.15pm BBC ONE

When a lazy, self-dramatising man with angina finds out his wife has cancer of the pancreas, his attempts to help are so lame that his wife, encouraged by their daughter, finally leaves him, as the Midlands-based medical drama continues. It takes George's intervention to help him change and for him and his daughter to be reconciled.


As George and Ronnie later discuss their holiday plans, they have trouble agreeing on a destination.


Meanwhile, Ronnie tells Jimmi he knows that Eva isn't dead because he had to help out with the legalities of her new identity. Jimmi is relieved he has someone to talk to and tells Ronnie how difficult it is keeping up the pretence.


Elsewhere, Vivien asks Ronnie if he'll help her prepare for her court case – Eva was going to help and she doesn't want to burden Jimmi. Michelle, meanwhile, is annoyed with Mike, so Archie suggests getting her tickets to see her favourite comedian. He goes to extreme lengths to get them but, when he tells her, she snubs him. They break up and Vivien is the only person around to comfort her.


George is played by Stirling Gallacher, Ronnie by Sean Gleeson, Jimmi by Adrian Lewis Morgan, Vivien by Anita Carey, Michelle by Donnaleigh Bailey, Mike by James Carlton and Archie by Matt Kennard.



The Sarah Jane Adventures –
Secrets Of The Stars: Part 1 Ep 5/12

Monday 27 October
4.35-5.00pm BBC ONE
Press pack

Sarah Jane and the gang embark on another exciting new adventure this week as the children's drama series, produced by Russell T Davies, continues.


Astrologer Martin Trueman causes a stir with his uncanny insights and predictions. While Sarah Jane doesn't believe in astrology, she does believe that all is not as it seems with Trueman. Around her, people are falling under Trueman's sinister spell and even Mr Smith doesn't understand what's going on.


Sarah Jane is played by Elisabeth Sladen, Martin Trueman by Russ Abbot and Mr Smith by Alexander Armstrong.




BBC FOUR Monday 27 October 2008
Storyville – When Borat Came To Town
Monday 27 October
10.00-11.00pm BBC FOUR

The autumn run of BBC Four's multi-award-winning flagship international documentary strand continues with When Borat Came To Town, which tells the story of 17-year-old Carmen, who lives a boringly mundane life in the tiny, dirty town of Glod (translated: "mud") in rural Romania.


Carmen dreams of a different life – escaping to Spain, meeting attractive boys and being rich. One day, a film crew arrives, films for a few days, pays three Euros and then leaves. Carmen thinks little of it until, sitting in the crowded local bar, she sees the film on TV – Borat.


Carmen's grandad watches too, and is bemused to see himself portrayed as an abortionist. The whole town is, in fact, outraged. It's not long before lawyers arrive from the United States, with the intention of persuading the residents of Glod to try to take on Hollywood.


This fascinating and, at times, hilarious documentary follows the trials and tribulations of the villagers as they attempt to take 20th Century Fox to court, make themselves some money and escape the poverty which keeps them from fulfilling their dreams.




CBEEBIES Monday 27 October 2008
LazyTown Extra Eps 25-26
Monday 27 to Tuesday 28 October
4.00-4.15pm CBEEBIES

LazyTown's Ziggy goes ice skating with his friends as the action-packed magazine style show for three- to six-year-olds continues. Robbie Rotten, meanwhile, creates his usual mayhem as he tries to set the world record in ski-jumping and gets stuck on the tube.


Sportacus introduces the CBeebies audience to an exercise each day; this week it's balancing, as he practises pretending to be an airplane. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Trixie are in the kitchen with a snowman made out of "sports candy".





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