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11 July 2014
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Programme Information

Network TV Week 43

Tuesday 21 October 2008

BBC ONE Tuesday 21 October 2008
Tuesday 21 October
1.45-2.15pm BBC ONE


Vivien buys some flowers and a card for Jimmi, to show that everyone at work is thinking of him, as the Midlands-based medical drama continues. When Jimmi arrives at work, however, he's clearly struggling to come to terms with Eva's death. Unaware of what's happened to Eva, Heston puts his foot in it by being jolly in front of Jimmi. He later makes amends with the staff by toasting Eva's memory, but Jimmi isn't there. After receiving a mysterious phone call he leaves the surgery.


Later, in the park, Jimmi sees Matt, who points towards the bandstand – where Eva is waiting. They talk about how hard it is for Jimmi to pretend Eva is dead but, when he asks how long she has to keep up the pretence, she tells him she has to leave for good so that she isn't found by Jack's gang and killed. They are both devastated and say a final, heartbreaking goodbye.


Vivien is played by Anita Carey, Jimmi by Adrian Lewis Morgan, Eva by Angela Lonsdale, Heston by Owen Brenman and Matt by guest star Chook Sibtain.



Tuesday 21 October
7.30-8.00pm BBC ONE


Billy is at his end of his tether with Jay, as the trials and tribulations of life in Walford continue.


Max, meanwhile, is getting ever closer to finding out about what Jack and Tanya are up to, and is very suspicious of their movements.


Elsewhere, the Masoods have no alternative but to admit defeat and close the Post Office due to financial problems.


Billy is played by Perry Fenwick, Jay by Jamie Borthwick, Max by Jake Wood, Jack by Scott Maslen and Tanya by Jo Joyner.



Holby City
Tuesday 21 October
8.00-9.00pm BBC ONE


Jayne's son is admitted to hospital after falling into a river, and Connie discovers that her mysterious lover is, in fact, Jayne's husband, in this week's edition of the medical drama.


Chrissie briefly returns to Holby for treatment on her scar, mulling over all the dramatic changes that have happened since she left, and begins to rethink her job at the hospital.


Faye, meanwhile, worries about Joseph's friendship with pregnant Daisha, and thinks Joseph might be getting too attached to the thought of having children.


Jayne is played by Stella Gonet, Connie by Amanda Mealing, Chrissie by Tina Hobley, Faye by Patsy Kensit and Joseph by Luke Roberts.


Please note: This edition of Holby City was originally billed in Wk 42's Programme Information.



Sunshine Ep 3/3
Tuesday 21 October
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE
Press pack


On the ball: Dominic Senior as Joe Crosby in Sunshine
On the ball: Dominic Senior as
Joe Crosby in Sunshine

Bing takes his first tentative steps as he attempts to overcome his gambling addiction, in the final episode of the comedy written by Craig Cash and Phil Mealey. George's own problems appear to be getting worse but he keeps them to himself for fear of disrupting Bing's progress.


Bernadette, meanwhile, begins to settle into her new life without Bing and is flattered by the attentions of an admirer.


Bing's endeavours to woo back Bernadette fall on deaf ears, however. In the absence of a possible reconciliation with her he starts to question whether his attempts at recovery are worthwhile. George reassures Bing that he owes it to himself and his son, Joe, to continue.


Encouraged by his dad, Bing's recovery continues to go from strength to strength and his relationship with Joe reaches a new level.


Bing is played by Steve Coogan, George by Bernard Hill, Bernadette by Lisa Millett and Joe by Dominic Senior.



Imagine – A Love Story Ep 2/8
Tuesday 21 October
10.35-11.25pm BBC ONE


Imagine examines what makes a great love story this week and looks at the books, films and pop songs that have tackled the thorny issue of love, pain and desire.


Lancelot and Guinevere, Wuthering Heights, Pride And Prejudice, Lady Chatterley's Lover, 24 hours From Tulsa, Casablanca, Brief Encounter and Lolita are all great love stories. But what makes them special? According to Pulitzer prize-winner Jeffrey Eugenides, "A great love story has to have a fly in the ointment."


Other contributors include best-selling authors Sarah Waters; Helen Fielding; Jane Austen's biographer, Claire Tomalin; Burt Bacharach's lyricist, Hal David; screen doctor Robert McKee; psychoanalyst Adam Phillips; and literature professor John Sutherland.




BBC TWO Tuesday 21 October 2008
British Style Genius – Breaking The Rules:
The Fashion Rebel Look
Ep 3/4
Tuesday 21 October
9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO
Press pack


Siouxsie Sioux exemplifies The Rebel Look
Siouxsie Sioux exemplifies The
Rebel Look

Breaking The Rules celebrates the 1976 punk fashion revolution, instigated by Vivienne Westwood, as BBC Two continues to fly the flag for British design.


In London, the unique collision of art schools, nightclubs, street style and multiculturalism forged a microcosm of radical fashion cultures and a new creative expression in clothing had begun.


Westwood was the trailblazer in the "rebel" look, and tonight's episode features key figures associated with that look including Vivienne Westwood; John Galliano; Alexander McQueen; Malcolm McLaren; Siouxsie Sioux; and Stephen Jones.


From her design studio, Westwood talks about her controversial ideas and the innovative cutting techniques that have electrified the fashion world ever since she burst onto the scene. Now one of the most influential figures in the global fashion industry, Westwood describes her journey from shopkeeper to rule breaking designer.


Westwood's daring fashion inspired a generation of young designers including John Galliano, whose initial success made him an overnight sensation. In 1996, Galliano was given the prestigious role of Creative Head at Christian Dior. From his base in Paris, he still looks to London for inspiration, and says: "It's unique. It's on the street. It's in the attitude... it's lovely."


Following in Galliano's footsteps, Alexander McQueen was signed by the couture house Givenchy. Renowned for his notorious and shocking designs, McQueen discusses the headline stealing "Highland Rape" collection and "bumster" trousers which have defined his career.


These fashion rebels, with their revolutionary techniques, are still causing a stir today ensuring Britain remains at the forefront of design innovation.



Later Live... With Jools Holland Ep 6/9
Tuesday 21 October
10.00-10.30pm BBC TWO


Bloc Party and Jakob Dylan are among Jools Holland's guest performing live tonight.


Bloc Party return to the Later studio to perform tunes from their new third album, Intimacy, while Jakob Dylan, son of Bob, pops into the studio to sing songs from his self-titled solo debut.


Further acts due to appear tonight will be confirmed closer to transmission.




BBC THREE Tuesday 21 October 2008
Coming Of Age –
We Have Been Naughty, Haven't We?
Ep 4/6
Tuesday 21 October
10.30-11.00pm BBC THREE


Teenager Tim Dawson's new sitcom continues its candid look into the outrageous world of a group of sixth-form students living in Abingdon as they enjoy a final romp with adolescence.


Jas dumps Ollie after a blazing row and then seizes the opportunity to get back at him by offering his best friend, Matt, what he desperately wants – pity sex. Ollie, meanwhile, decides there's only one effective way to get revenge on Jas and Matt – he's going to seduce Chloe.


Elsewhere, DK is experiencing teacher trouble and the principal has found a tough new geography master, Andy, who is determined to stop DK mucking about in class. DK, meanwhile, resolves to get Andy sacked. His plan is to pull an outrageous stunt involving a high window, Ollie and a bottle of ketchup.


Coming Of Age stars five of the UK's top young comedy actors: Anabel Barnston, Tony Bignell, Hannah Job, Ceri Phillips and Joe Tracini.





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