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29 October 2014
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Network TV Week 39

Thursday 25 September 2008

BBC ONE Thursday 25 September 2008
Dom's On The Case Of Eye Care Ep 4/5
Monday 22 to Friday 26 September
9.15-10.00am BBC ONE

Dom Littlewood looks into the shocking fact that, over the next 25 years, the number of people going blind in the UK could double, as he continues to uncover the serious problems in the NHS. Eye tests that could stop some of this sight loss are not always free on the NHS, so Dom sets out to investigate.


Four out of 10 people don't have their eyes checked regularly, so Dom takes his mobile eye-care van to the town of Aylesbury, where he offers some free tests and hears why people aren't booking their own.


Dom meets Bob Woods, a former tennis coach from Tunbridge Wells, who is going blind through a condition called Wet AMD. His local Primary Care Trust won't pay for his sight-saving drug, Lucentis, and Bob can't afford to pay for the drug himself so is slowly going blind. Dom follows Bob's emotional journey as he joins others who have been turned down for the drug, to protest outside the law courts – with some amazing results. During filming, the Government's advisory body NICE makes a dramatic U-turn. But will it be too late for Bob?


Dom himself suffers from diabetes and is shocked to find out that he has an eye condition that will need treatment and, if left, could lead to blindness. He meets one woman with diabetes who didn't go for screening as regularly as she should and is now completely blind in one eye.



Thursday 25 September
1.45-2.15pm BBC ONE

When a ginger-haired girl, bullied at school and by her sister, develops a rash on her scalp, Mike and her mum think she's being abused, as the drama centred on life in a Midlands health centre continues. However, it turns out that she put chemicals in her own hair in the hope that she would have to have it shaved off.


When Mike gets tickets for a gig, Michelle yet again cancels her plans with Ruth to accommodate him.


Caroline comes in to the Mill to see Nick, but he tells Vivien that she has another doctor now and it would be more appropriate if she saw him. Michelle is annoyed at his self-pitying and asks him whether he actually wants to be happy.


Melody returns from holiday and catches up on all the gossip. While helping Archie fix a door handle, she ends up being locked in a storage cupboard with him – but because it's lunchtime no one hears their cries for help. They end up blaming each other, but eventually start making each other laugh, and by the time Michelle rescues them they are back on speaking terms again.


Mike is played by James Carlton, Michelle by Donnaleigh Bailey, Ruth by Selina Chilton, Nick by Michael McKell, Vivien by Anita Carey, Melody by Elizabeth Bower and Archie by Matt Kennard. Caroline is played by guest star Rae Baker.



Thursday 25 September
7.30-8.00pm BBC ONE

Suzy tries her matchmaking skills out on Max and Denise, in the latest visit to Albert Square.


Meanwhile, Tony's jealousy over Whitney has terrible consequences for Peter.


Elsewhere, Archie asks Pat to move out and she worries that he is changing Peggy.


Suzy is played by Maggie O'Neill, Max by Jake Wood, Denise by Diane Parish, Tony by Chris Coghill, Whitney by Shona McGarty, Peter by Thomas Law, Archie by Larry Lamb, Pat by Pam St Clement and Peggy by Barbara Windsor.




BBC TWO Thursday 25 September 2008
Golf – British Masters
Thursday 25 September
1.30-6.00pm BBC TWO

Hazel Irvine presents live coverage of the first round of the British Masters from the Brabazon Course at The Belfry. The West Midlands venue has been the scene of four Ryder Cup competitions since 1985, so it's somewhat appropriate that the first European Tour event after this year's Ryder Cup should be taking place there. England's Lee Westwood is the defending champion.


Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Andrew Cotter, Philip Parkin, Paul Eales and Maureen Madill are all on hand to provide expert commentary.



The Restaurant Ep 6/15
Thursday 25 September
8.00-9.00pm BBC TWO

Raymond Blanc thinks big as he has to choose which restaurant to close
Raymond Blanc thinks big as he
has to choose which
restaurant to close

Last night the couples vying to impress top chef and restaurateur Raymond Blanc enough to earn his backing for their restaurant had to add half an organic pig into their weekend menu. The three couples that failed to impress Raymond now face tonight's culinary challenge.


Alasdair and James hadn't worked as a team, Chris misled his customers and his cooking wasn't ambitious enough, and Mike's feeble marketing let down his daughter Harriet's cooking.


To challenge them, Raymond thinks big. He persuades three Oxford colleges to let the couples cook and serve dinner to high and low tables. This equates to 24 dons – who require something special – and 140 students – who require mass catering with a touch of class. None of the three chefs has ever cooked for this number of people before.


In addition, each college has dining traditions dating back centuries. The couples must find out and respect the all-important distinctions between how the students and staff are served and observe the strictly enforced protocols.


For pub chef Chris, understanding the delicate differences is a particular challenge. James, who overspends on the dons' food and shirks responsibility for the students, leaves Alasdair floundering. Meanwhile, Mike loses control on his home turf of Oxford and Harriet's cooking goes wrong.


Raymond, who himself lives in Oxford, is not pleased with the results and his inspectors' reports confirm his worst fears. At the end of the challenge, one couple's dream is over when Raymond closes their restaurant – for good.



The Cup Ep 6/6
Thursday 25 September
9.30-10.00pm BBC TWO
Press pack

Terry (Steve Edge) has set his hopes on Malky (Ceallach Spellman)
Terry (Steve Edge) has set his
hopes on Malky (Ceallach

Terry hijacks Steve Robson's car and speeds off on a mercy dash to plead with Bolton scout Geoff Hinchcliffe to come to Birmingham, as the comedy series about Under-11s football club Ashburn United concludes.


The pair turn up just in time to see the Ashes lose in the semi-final. Thankfully, Hinchcliffe spots an over-age player in the other team and, on appeal, the Ashes make it to the final. Everyone is thrilled; the dream is coming true – even for Debbie, who is chatted up during the game by the just-about-sober and recovered Steve Robson.


The nail-biting final reveals whether the Ashes can win the Cup, and if Malky can answer Terry's prayers by becoming the Player of the Tournament.


Terry is played by Steve Edge, Geoff Hinchcliffe by Martin Oldfield, Debbie by Samantha Power, Steve Robson by Billy Geraghty and Malky by Ceallach Spellman.




BBC THREE Thursday 25 September 2008
The Wrong Door – The Wizard Of Office Ep 5/6
Thursday 25 September
10.30-11.00pm BBC THREE

When Dorothy Tempest's office is hit by a tornado she is transported to the far-from-magical land of Oswestry, where her desk lands on Justin Beales, the Regional Sales Director for the East, as the daring sketch show set in a parallel universe where the special effects seen in the movies and on TV are part of everyday life, continues.


There's more disappointing magic when Louise and Tom visit the so-called Magical Wood; the world's most dangerous restaurant gets a visit; and Transformo and Perky Girl audition for Superhero Tryouts.


Guest stars include Dom Joly as Justin Beales and Doctor Fox as... Doctor Fox.





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