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27 November 2014
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Network TV Week 39

Monday 22 September 2008

BBC ONE Monday 22 September 2008
Dom's On The Case Of Dentists Ep 1/5
Monday 22 to Friday 26 September
9.15-10.00am BBC ONE

Dom Littlewood uncovers serious problems within the National Health Service that affect millions across the country in this investigation running throughout the week on BBC One.


From dentist waiting lists and prescription charges to problems with private health care and hidden NHS charges, Dom's On The Case cuts through the red tape and the bureaucracy to get patients the service they deserve.


Consumer champion and former Strictly Come Dancing star Dom meets people up and down the country who have suffered devastating consequences due to the shortcomings of the NHS. He also meets success stories who have fought their cases and won, and shares his hints and tips on how to get the very best from the NHS.


He firstly gets his teeth into dentists and is shocked to find that almost half of UK residents have not seen an NHS dentist in the last two years.


Residents of Bishop's Waltham in Hampshire haven't had an NHS dentist taking on new patients in their town for more then two years. Many such as June, 68, have to travel for hours in order to be seen, and Dom sets himself the huge task of finding locals a nearby dentist who will take on NHS patients.


Les, from Essex, has advanced gum disease, and while he can find an NHS dentist, he can't find one willing to do the work because of the complex treatment needed. His case is so severe it is even affecting his relationship with his wife. Les's only option is to agree to become a guinea pig for a private dentist – where the only pain relief is in the form of hypnotism.


Oral and facial surgeon Professor Iain Hutchison, from charity Saving Faces, reveals the results of a study carried out by his own research team which involved calling 500 dental surgeries with symptoms of mouth cancer to see how many would recognise the problem or offer appointments.



Monday 22 September
1.45-2.15pm BBC ONE

A reformed smoker thinks her boyfriend may be smoking again, after he decides not to go with her for their acupuncture session with George, as the drama set in a Midlands health centre continues. It's the woman's birthday and her boyfriend makes excuses that he is busy all day, but she is suspicious when she smells smoke on his clothes. She ends up asking George for her help to confirm that he is smoking, but it ends up proving something completely different...


Michelle is desperate to tell everyone about her date with Mike and doesn't mind revealing all the details.


Meanwhile, Nick meets Ed, Caroline's son, but it doesn't go as well as he'd hoped. When Nick sees Ronnie at the Mill later on, he tells him he didn't appreciate Ronnie telling Caroline about his past.


It's the beginning of freshers' week and Ruth is looking forward to it, but she gets irritated when a couple of posters appear outside the surgery. She strips them off but more appear and in the end she admits defeat.


George is played by Stirling Gallacher, Michelle by Donnaleigh Bailey, Mike by James Carlton, Nick by Michael McKell, Ronnie by Sean Gleeson, and Ruth by Selina Chilton. Caroline is played by guest star Rae Baker and Ed by Greg Sheffield.



Monday 22 September
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

Stacey tries to convince herself that she wants to have a baby with Bradley, but is she really ready for it?


After accidentally defrosting the freezer at the Minute Mart, Patrick foolishly sells the contents to unsuspecting customers.


Stacey is played by Lacey Turner, Bradley by Charlie Clements and Patrick by Rudolph Walker.




BBC TWO Monday 22 September 2008
What To Eat Now Ep 2/6
Monday 22 September
8.30-9.00pm BBC TWO
(Schedule amendment 5 September)

Culinary explorer and chef Valentine Warner continues his journey around the UK, combining his great passions for food and nature as he searches for the best of natural autumn fare in hedgerows and woodland.


Working in harmony with the season and the natural produce available, Valentine captures the intensity of flavour which seasonal produce provides. On the menu are some of his favourite woodland and hedgerow foods: blackberries, hazelnuts and wood pigeon.


Heather Tarbard has been shooting clay pigeons for 17 years but she’s never trained her sights on the real thing. She’s never shot a pigeon and she’s never eaten one, either. Valentine is on a mission and wants Heather to utilise her sharp shooting skills to bag one of these amazing birds and cook up a simple seasonal treat – warm salad of wood pigeon, roast chicory and pickled walnuts.


Valentine continues the wild food theme with wild crayfish freshly caught from Berkshire’s River Kennet, combined with a stuffing created from hazelnuts gathered from the adjacent banks.


For dessert there is no competition for the delicious hedgerow blackberries – at their plump peak in the autumn. And for Valentine there is something quintessentially British about jelly and cream. With a dessert of sloe gin and blackberry jelly, he hopes to impress the ladies of Ellerker Women’s Institute in Yorkshire. But the competition is stiff in the village’s annual Craft and Preserve Fair.



Amazon Ep 2/6
Monday 22 September
9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO

Bruce Parry becomes involved in a football match with a difference as he continues his journey along the Amazon
Bruce Parry becomes involved
in a football match with a
difference as he continues his
journey along the Amazon

Bruce Parry takes part in one of the wildest football matches ever staged – where his strip is a little black dress – as he continues his travels along the river Amazon.


Staying with the Achuar people, who have only had contact with the outside world for 40 years, he learns a new way of fishing and tries the hallucinogen ayahuasaca, one of the ritual drugs of the community.


The flip side of living in one of the most bio-diverse places on Earth is all around – a land full of riches is being routinely exploited, and Bruce finds polluted rivers and mass devastation caused by oil companies.


It may have brought electricity and a few dollars into the native communities, but at what price?




CBEEBIES Monday 22 September 2008
LazyTown Extra Eps 5-8/46
Monday 22 to Thursday 25 September
4.00-4.15pm CBEEBIES

LazyTown's Ziggy splashes about at the swimming pool, learns about BMX biking and even goes on a picnic, as he continues his travels around the UK for CBeebies. Robbie Rotten, meanwhile, creates his usual mayhem trying to set the world record in energy-drink making.


LazyTown Extra is an action-packed magazine style show for three to six-year-olds, with each themed episode featuring all the LazyTown favourites, exclusively for CBeebies.


The series features children from across the country showing adventure-loving Ziggy their favourite activities such as playing basketball, visiting the zoo, or growing vegetables.


Viewers can also see Sportacus introducing the CBeebies audience to an exercise each day; while Stephanie and Trixie are in the kitchen showing children how to drink from coconuts, wash their hands and why it's important to wash fruit.





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