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27 November 2014
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Network TV Week 35

Thursday 28 August 2008

BBC ONE Thursday 28 August 2008
Thursday 28 August
1.45-2.15pm BBC ONE

Mal has stayed the night at Julia's and they are in a very loved-up mood, as the drama based around a health centre in the Midlands continues. Mal wants Julia to take the day off, but she insists she has to go to work. When she gets there she tells George how happy she is, but that she'll see where it goes.


Melody sees a fashion student who is diabetic and is worried that something is not right with her. Her blood sugar is on the low side, but when she asks her if she has changed her insulin dose she insists she hasn't. The student works in a shop and moans that she still lives at home where her mum is always checking up on her.


Melody later visits the shop and the girl thinks she's checking up on her, too – although she isn't – and is rude to her. While Melody is there the student collapses and finally confesses that she has been skipping insulin doses to drop some weight.


Later, Daniel is worried about Joe taking on more work as he offers to help with the paperwork for the Campus as well as the Mill, but Joe is adamant he can cope.


Meanwhile, when Julia returns home from work, she discovers that Mal has prepared the perfect romantic evening for her.


Julia is played by Diane Keen, George by Stirling Gallacher, Melody by Elizabeth Bower, Daniel by Matthew Chambers and Joe by Stephen Boxer. Mal is played by guest star Ray Fearon.



Thursday 28 August
7.30-8.00pm BBC ONE

Things get uncomfortable for Dawn as she hears some home truths, in the latest visit to Albert Square.


Meanwhile, events at the flat take a dramatic twist...


Dawn is played by Kara Tointon.



SuperDoctors Ep 2/3
Thursday 28 August
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

Professor Robert Winston investigates the potential "miracle cures" promised by stem cells as he continues his exploration into the life-and-death decisions on the edge of medicine.


At the biological frontier of medicine, the big challenge is to harness the body's own repair system. What if you could grow and regenerate parts of your own body? It sounds like science fiction, but many scientists and doctors believe they've already found the answer in stem cells.


Amazing claims have been made about stem cells – and they've been the subject of Professor Winston's own research work. An internet search for "stem cell cures" gives nearly 200 million responses. Miracle cures for every disease under the sun are promised – most of them available in countries such as Argentina and Siberia, where medical regulations are less strict.


However, the miracle cures are, as yet, completely without medical evidence. There's plenty of anecdotal evidence – as the internet shows. But real medical trials are only just beginning.


This programme picks up on the first British trial of stem cells as a treatment for heart attacks and heart disease at the London Chest Hospital, and follows a patient willing to offer himself as a guinea pig in a double blind placebo trial – so he's unsure whether he's getting the genuine or dummy treatment. But it's the only real way science will know whether stem cells work.


Professor Winston also meets a family who sought treatment for their brain-damaged son, and lost everything – £180,000 and their son's life – in a desperate bid to obtain stem-cell treatments in unregulated clinics around the world.


Professor Winston looks at the plight of desperate patients and those willing to try anything to save the lives of loved ones. He questions how medicine can best use such patients to advance medicine and cross new frontiers – rather than letting them suffer or die in vain.




BBC TWO Thursday 28 August 2008
Dr Alice Roberts – Don't Die Young:
The Bones, Muscles And Joints
Ep 7/8
Thursday 28 August
8.30-9.00pm BBC TWO

Doctor and anatomist Alice Roberts explores the bones, muscles and joints – which account for more than half of all reported pain – as she continues her tour of the human body in this friendly and informative guide to healthy living.


Dr Alice meets Dawn Connor, a young mum recently back at work as a nurse in Bristol. Pregnancy, childbirth and her job have all placed a strain on her back. With Alice as a guide, Dawn discovers that a combination of exercise and good diet will benefit her now and also help protect her toddler, Rosie, from back problems in later life.


Using her trademark dissection of animal parts, Dr Alice demonstrates that our bones, as well as our muscles, can change shape if we change the way we use them. She also shows us what a "slipped disc" actually looks like and what happens to a joint when it's damaged by osteoarthritis – a condition estimated to affect eight million people in the UK.


Dr Alice is also an experienced advisor to archaeologists and has an astonishing collection of bones that bear out the stresses and strains to which the human body has always been prone. When she meets Stuart Sharp, an amateur pilot who's about to have a pioneering hip-resurfacing operation to help his arthritic hip, she's able to show him a hip bone with osteoarthritis belonging to an ancient Roman.



The Cup Ep 2/6
Thursday 28 August
9.30-10.00pm BBC TWO
Press pack

The new comedy series shot in a documentary style about Bolton-based Ashburn United Football Club and their quest to win the North and Midlands Under 11s Cup in Birmingham continues. During the series, it rapidly becomes apparent that the real story is the selfish and obsessive behaviour of the kids' parents as they try to live their own dreams through their children.


The Ashes have made it to the North and Midlands' Cup in Birmingham and, with coach Blackley now too unwell to carry on, his job is up for grabs. Terry and Kaskar, the fitness coach, vie for the coveted position. In order to gain brownie points with Ashes' owner Sandra Farrell, Terry volunteers his wife, Janice, to organise an auction of promises to raise funds for Blackley.


Steve Edge plays Terry, Pal Aron plays Kaskar, Tanya Franks plays Sandra and Jennifer Hennessy plays Janice.




BBC THREE Thursday 28 August 2008
The Wrong Door –
The World's Most Annoying Creature
Ep 1/6
Thursday 28 August
10.30-11.00pm BBC THREE

Melanie (MyAnna Buring) goes on a date with Philip the Dinosaur
Melanie (MyAnna Buring) goes
on a date with Philip the

The Wrong Door is a daring new sketch show set in a parallel universe, where the special effects seen in the movies and on TV are part of everyday life. Its genre-busting mix of celebrity cameos, unimaginable locations and impossible visual effects heralds a brave new world of comic possibility.


When a genetic bioweapons experiment goes wrong, the boffins at Commander Kevin Cheeks's military test lab accidentally create The World's Most Annoying Creature, which promptly escapes. Elsewhere, a 50-foot robot called Xotang terrorises London; the Booze Fairies terrorise Rasmus Hardiker; office worker Gavin encounters The Boss; and a lovestruck dinosaur called Philip causes chaos.


Guest stars include Matt Berry as The Magician and Doctor Fox as ... Doctor Fox.





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