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27 November 2014
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Network TV Week 33

Wednesday 13 August 2008

BBC ONE Wednesday 13 August 2008
Wednesday 13 August
Throughout the day BBC ONE, BBC TWO and BBC THREE
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The men's four continue their quest to retain the Olympic rowing title they won in both Sydney and Athens. There's also cycling and sailing and more swimming medals are decided. The tennis competition continues and the table tennis competition begins with the host nation expected to dominate.


Comprehensive details of the BBC's Olympics 2008 coverage can be found in BBC Programme Information's separate Olympic section.



Lost Land Of The Jaguar Ep 3/3
Wednesday 13 August
8.00-9.00pm BBC ONE

Climber Steve Backshall reaches the summit of a formidable table-top mountain, up a vertical cliff-face almost as high as New York's Empire State Building, in the final part of the expedition. The summit is covered in carnivorous plants, such as pitcher plants and sundews; the soil has been washed away by the incessant rains; and the plants need to catch insects to grow. Steve finds tiny frogs and spots the rare orange-breasted falcon, hunting for the many swifts that live on the cliffs.


On the Rewa River, Dr George McGavin and Gordon Buchanan have a battle on their hands to reach the headwaters. The rapids are impassable so they have to haul three boats and all their kit through the jungle in the sweltering midday heat. Eventually, they reach the headwaters and find a family of giant otters, a Capybara (the world's largest rodent) and, hidden in the undergrowth, a five-metre long anaconda digesting its dinner.


Gordon then makes his most spectacular find – a magnificent Harpy eagle is perched in a tree with a dead monkey in its talons. These are the most powerful eagles in the world and they specialise in snatching monkeys out of the canopy.


At the end of the journey, George meets the President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo, to present a report on the expedition. The President hopes the forests can be left standing to protect wildlife and to help fight climate change.



Who Do You Think You Are? Ep 1/8
Wednesday 13 August
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

Patsy Kensit investigates her late father's colourful past
Patsy Kensit investigates her
late father's colourful past

Holby City star Patsy Kensit is the first of eight celebrities to embark on an emotional personal journey to investigate her family history, as Who Do You Think You Are? returns to BBC One for a new series.


Patsy's investigation begins with the colourful life of her late father, Jimmy Kensit, who was deeply involved with London's most notorious gangsters of the Sixties: the Krays and the Richardsons.


Wanting to understand the roots of his criminality and to discover how far back the "family trade" goes, Patsy meets a criminologist who has unearthed a copy of her father's criminal record – which reveals the full extent of his activities. She is then shocked to find documents in the National Archives that show her grandfather was also a prolific criminal.


As Patsy's journey continues, she comes across a truly remarkable vicar who shines a new light on her family history and provides her with a fresh insight into her own faith and values.


The series continues with Boris Johnson, Jerry Springer, Esther Rantzen, David Suchet, Ainsley Harriott, Jodie Kidd and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.




BBC TWO Wednesday 13 August 2008
House Of Saddam Ep 3/4
Wednesday 13 August
9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO
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Saddam Hussein (Igal Naor) is betrayed
Saddam Hussein (Igal Naor) is

It's May 1995, in the penultimate episode of the gripping drama charting the rise and fall of Saddam Hussein, and Iraq is a country crippled by sanctions from the United Nations for refusal to comply with weapon inspections. When inspectors are finally admitted, a cat-and-mouse game begins – weapons, chemicals and documents are buried and concealed and the inspectors are chaperoned on the orders of Qusay, Saddam's second son and now chosen successor, which infuriates the increasingly sidelined Hussein Kamal.


Tensions erupt at a meeting of Saddam's government – comprised largely of his family – when the increasingly unhinged Uday taunts Hussein Kamal. Now believing they are descended directly from prophets, Saddam declares that Iraq is being ostracised from the rest of the world and targeted by their neighbours because of religious jealousy.


As the Day of Days celebration approaches to mark the anniversary of the victory over Iran seven years earlier, Hussein and his brother, en route to the Palace celebrations, cross the border to take diplomatic asylum in Jordan with their wives, Saddam's eldest daughters, Raghad and Rana. There, Hussein Kamal meets UN and CIA officials, giving them information on the whereabouts of Iraq's hidden weapons, while making claims on Saddam's leadership.


Infuriated by this betrayal, Saddam moves all the hidden weapons' documents to Hussein Kamal's warehouse, thus negating the UN's reliance on him for information. Of no value to the enemies of Saddam, the brothers are lured back to Iraq with a promise that they will be forgiven and no harm will come to them. Arriving in Baghdad, however, they are apprehended, forced to divorce Saddam's daughters and locked in a safe house.


Saddam forces Ali Hassan Al Majid – the defectors' uncle – to punish them for their disloyalty. A gun-fight ensues, killing the brothers and making widows of Saddam's grieving daughters.


Igal Naor stars as Saddam Hussein, Mounir Margoum as Qusay Hussein, Amr Waked as Hussein Kamal, Philip Arditti as Uday Hussein, Agni Scott as Raghad Hussein, Shivani Ghai as Rana Hussein and Uri Gavriel as Ali Hassan Al Majid.





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