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24 September 2014
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Network TV Week 32

Thursday 7 August 2008

BBC ONE Thursday 7 August 2008
Thursday 7 August
1.45-2.15pm BBC ONE

A patient accuses Daniel of having an affair with his wife, in today's episode of the Midlands-based medical drama.


In an attempt to prove him wrong, Daniel eventually discovers that it's one of the husband's infatuated students who is causing all the trouble – she wanted to get her own back on Daniel because he wouldn't recommend her for a nose job on the NHS, and also wants to break up her tutor's marriage.


Vivien, meanwhile, is struggling to cope with the burden of knowing what happened to Mary, Lee's other rape victim.


At the police station, Jimmi returns from his course and unintentionally confirms Eva's suspicions about Vivien being raped. Eva asks Jimmi to speak to Vivien about changing her statement. He reluctantly agrees but, when he calls Vivien, she tells him she needs to protect others and wants to change her statement.


Daniel is played by Matthew Chambers, Vivien by Anita Carey, Jimmi by Adrian Lewis Morgan and Eva by Angela Lonsdale.


Please note: Doctors is taking a short break during the Olympics and returns to BBC One on Tuesday 26 August.



Thursday 7 August
7.30-8.30pm BBC ONE
(Revised programme copy posted Wednesday 23 July)

The atmosphere is intense above the Queen Vic and Peggy is left emotionally drained by the recent drama, in tonight's hour-long visit to Albert Square.


Phil, meanwhile, is about to lose control as demons from his past rear their ugly heads once more.


Things hot up between Max and Ronnie.


And Clare has had enough of people trying to "save" her.


Peggy is played by Barbara Windsor, Phil by Steve McFadden, Max by Jake Wood, Ronnie by Samantha Janus and Clare by Gemma Bissix.



Vanessa-Mae – The Making Of Me Ep 3/3
Thursday 7 August
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

Vanessa-Mae embarks on a journey of self-discovery
Vanessa-Mae embarks on a
journey of self-discovery

Vanessa-Mae embarks on a journey of self-discovery to find out what made her a child prodigy and a star violinist, as BBC One's new science programme concludes.


With the help of scientific testing, the latest psychology techniques, brain science and genetics, Vanessa attempts to answer a question that affects everyone – how do nature and nurture shape us?


We all share traits with our parents – but how does this happen? Do we learn to be like them, or do we inherit their characteristics? And what happens when we're completely different to the rest of our family?


Vanessa-Mae first hit the international music scene at the age of 10, and was the youngest violinist ever to record Beethoven and Tchaikovsky violin concertos. Over eight million record sales have propelled her onto the Rich List and into celebrity status. But her success has been over-shadowed by a turbulent relationship with her mother, who was the prime force behind her career as a young musician.


How much of Vanessa's abilities as a child prodigy did she inherit, how much was shaped by her mother and how much was her own work? Vanessa-Mae is determined to find some answers.


Vanessa-Mae is tested to see if she has super-sensitive hearing and enters a roomful of twins to discover how much musicality is affected by our genes. Scientists scan her brain to see if she shows signs of having been born musical, or whether thousands of hours of practice have left their mark, and she is scrutinised by a psychologist to see how her personality may have shaped her career. After years of estrangement from her mother, will Vanessa-Mae discover just how much of her musical success was her own doing and how much she owes her mother?




BBC TWO Thursday 7 August 2008
Lab Rats – A Seven-Nighter Ep 5/6
Thursday 7 August
9.30-10.00pm BBC TWO

The Lab Rats spend seven nights in a secret governmental research facility this week on a very important assignment, as the comedy continues. All they have to do now is stay awake without going mad. Can seven oil drums full of coffee, a tin of biscuits and the Dean's morale-boosting visits do the trick, or will the static, the Professor's intriguing underwear and the strange man with the teeth tip them over the edge?


Lab Rats is a big, daft, cartoony sitcom. Although set in a laboratory, the show is less about science and more about using its setting as an excuse for stupid jokes, endearingly chaotic characters and fast-paced, farcical plots.


Lab Rats is written by Chris Addison and Carl Cooper and
co-created by Chris Addison, Carl Cooper and Simon Nicholls.


The regular cast includes Chris Addison as Dr Alex Beenyman, Geoff McGivern as Professor John Mycroft, Jo Enright as Cara McIlvenny, Dan Tetsell as Brian Lalumaca, Selina Cadell as Dean Mieke Miedema and Helen Moon as Minty Clapper. Tonight's episode guest stars Mike McShane as Dr Vaabit.




BBC THREE Thursday 7 August 2008
Touch Me, I'm Karen Taylor Ep 5/7
Thursday 7 August
11.00-11.30pm BBC THREE

Listeners can expect a fresh and saucy look at life as Bafta-winning comedian Karen Taylor brings another comic dose of no-nonsense sketches.


Tonight, Miss Harper has a rival in the form of new art teacher, Miss Smith; Joanna welcomes her sister and her family to Smithson towers; whilst lipstick lesbians Karen and Jen find out first-hand that their relationship does nothing for Dave and Gaz. Karen also unleashes her "inner-thesp", as she tries her hand at theatre.


Karen is joined by Anna Crilly (Lead Balloon), Jalaal Hartley (Pulling), Clare Warde (Laura, Ben And Him) and Lawry Levin (The Life And Times Of Vivien Vyle).





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