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29 October 2014
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Network TV Week 23

Monday 2 June 2008

BBC ONE Monday 2 June 2008
Monday 2 June
1.45-2.15pm BBC ONE

Despite George's attempts to alert a mother to the risks of not giving her daughter the MMR jab, the mother is adamant that her daughter needs to get such childhood diseases in order to build up her immune system, as the series set in a health centre in the Midlands continues.


When Melody gets called to a suspected measles outbreak at a local nursery, it becomes apparent the ill child is the same girl whose mother hasn't had her immunised.


Later, when the girl's temperature becomes even higher, they call George – who confirms the symptoms point heavily to measles. When George pushes to find out how she may have caught it, the mother admits she sent her daughter to a "measles party".


Ruth, meanwhile, turns up to work dressed differently, displaying a new-found confidence. People notice and Ruth is happy, until Michelle reminds her that she needs to collect the rest of her things so that Davey knows it's really over. A scared Ruth takes Michelle along with her only to find the house is empty, except for a note from Davey saying Ruth can have the house.


Elsewhere, Archie is miffed when he discovers that JJ is going to be staying with Melody for a while, but he agrees to get to know JJ and suggests they play football together.


George is played by Stirling Gallacher, Melody by Elizabeth Bower, Ruth by Selina Chilton, Michelle by Donnalaigh Bailey, Archie by Matt Kennard and JJ by George Rainsford.



Monday 2 June
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

Keith and his family receive some good fortune, for once, in tonight's visit to Albert Square. But how long will it last?


A bemused Bradley, meanwhile, receives more than one romantic proposal, but is it from the person he wants it to be from?


Keith is played by Dave Spinx and Bradley by Charlie Clements.




BBC TWO Monday 2 June 2008
Out Of The Blue
Monday 2 June
1.00-1.25pm BBC TWO
Press pack

As Tess struggles to process Noel's declaration of love, he tries to make her understand the severity of the consequences if they stick around for the arrival of the container, as the sun-drenched drama series set in an Australian beach resort continues. Someone tried to murder him and he wants them to leave within 24 hours. In desperation, he attempts to pack her suitcase, only to be dismissed and sent on his way.


Meanwhile, things in the O'Donnell household are heating up as the boys can't help but snap at each other. It's been one year since their mother, Diane, died and it's time to spread her ashes. As they prepare for the special anniversary, Ron puts on the video Diane filmed weeks before she died.


As Paul races home, just in time for the video, Gabby hopelessly tries to make him understand why she can't be there. Diane's goodbye message touches the family and really brings home what matters. The day is marred, however, by the arrival of the paper, with a headline that reads: "I killed and I don't remember". It seems the journalist from the speed dating night has gone ahead with her story, and the boys are furious.


Gabby later starts to contemplate her relationship with Paul. After his immature outburst at the speed dating evening, she can't help but blame his age. Things are only made worse when Gabby turns up at the O'Donnells' with a special band for Paul, only to get into a fight.


Kirsten's behaviour, meanwhile, comes into question again when she throws an unsupervised party at the apartment. As she reaches the end of her tether, Bec makes Kirsten a deal – she won't tell her father if Kirsten drops the attitude.


Just as Noel thinks he's safe, he bumps into Ray on the way to the airport and happily accepts a lift from him – unaware of the danger he's in.


Tess is played by Olivia Bonnici, Noel by Sam Haft, Ron by Noel Hodda, Paul by Nathaniel Buzolic, Gabby by Sophie Katinis, Kirsten by Sam Weaving, Bec by Renai Caruso and Ray by Sam Haft.



A Taste Of My Life Ep 6/15
Monday 2 to Friday 6 June
6.30-7.00pm BBC TWO

Award-winning British food writer, journalist and broadcaster Nigel Slater meets Thandie Newton, Rory Bremner, Sue Johnston, Meera Syal and Denis Lawson this week, as the series in which a host of well-known faces tell Nigel their story through the medium of food continues.





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