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Sunday 6 February 2011

Match Of The Day Live – Swansea City v Cardiff City

Live event/outside broadcast
Sunday 6 February
1.00-3.25pm BBC ONE

Jake Humphrey presents live coverage from the Liberty Stadium as Swansea City take on fellow Welsh side Cardiff City in the Championship. Both high-flying clubs have genuine hopes of gaining promotion to the English top flight, a league no Welsh club has competed in since Swansea's relegation at the end of the 1982/83 season.

The Swans beat their great rivals 1-0 at the Cardiff City Stadium during November. Victory this time around would see them complete a first-ever league double over the Bluebirds.


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Lark Rise To Candleford Ep 5/6

High Definition programme
Sunday 6 February
8.00-9.00pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD

Daniel is in dispute with the captain of a neighbouring cricket team, who he believes cheated in their last match, as the series based on the novels by Flora Thompson, and adapted by Bill Gallagher, continues. Daniel is brooding about the injustice, and Dorcas suggests he puts matters to rest by challenging his rival to a re-match, though the cricket season is long over. Daniel sets about recruiting players, but the only men he can find willing to play, such as Alf, Twister and Edmund, are hopeless at the game.

Meanwhile, on her rounds Laura has discovered the old, neglected graves of an unknown couple. She is captivated by the romantic mystery of their identities and becomes determined to uncover their story. Much to her frustration, Daniel refuses to share in her latest passion, so obsessed is he with training his cricket team and beating his rival.

Gabriel too is obsessed with his current endeavour – to create a machine which he hopes will restore his fortunes. He neglects his duties at the forge, which leads to a confrontation with Dorcas. But the increasing tension between the pair causes Dorcas to reflect on how she relates to men. When she starts to carry out her new philosophy on male and female relations, it has surprising and controversial results.

Despite his best efforts, Daniel's cricket team looks to be facing a humiliating defeat. Just when he thinks all hope is lost, he discovers that the finest batsman in the county is right under his nose. But the fact that the batsman is actually a woman disqualifies her from the team. Will Daniel be able to twist the rules and gain the victory he so desperately wants? And what will it cost his relationship with Laura?

Daniel Parish is played by Ben Aldridge, Dorcas Lane by Julia Sawalha, Alf Arless by John Dalgleish, Twister Turrill by Karl Johnson, Edmund Timmins by Thomas Rhys Jones, Laura Timmins by Olivia Hallinan and Gabriel Cochrane by Richard Harrington.

Lark Rise To Candleford is simulcast in HD on BBC One HD on Freesat channel 108, Freeview channel 50, Sky channel 143 and Virgin Media channel 108.


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American Football – Super Bowl Live

Live event/outside broadcast
Sunday 6 February
10.55pm-4.00am BBC ONE

Jake Humphrey introduces live coverage of Super Bowl XLV. All eyes will be on the state of Texas as the recently built Cowboys Stadium hosts its first Super Bowl.

Last year NFC champions New Orleans Saints beat AFC winners Indianapolis Colts 31-17 to win the franchise's first ever Vince Lombardi trophy. It was the second time in three seasons that the winners of the NFC Conference had beaten their AFC counterparts. Who will emerge victorious in the 45th Super Bowl?

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman provide the commentary, while Jake is joined in the studio by Mike Carlson and New York Giants star Osi Umenyiora.


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BBC TWO Sunday 6 February 2011

Ski Sunday

Sunday 6 February
5.15-6.00pm BBC TWO (Copy amended 21 January)

Graham Bell and Ed Leigh are in the Austrian resort of Hinterstoder for the Men's World Cup Super Giant Slalom. This year's event takes place on the new Hannes Trinkl race course and is sure to provide a stern test to a field including World Cup champion Erik Guay.

Graham also travels to Austria to try his hand at the unique sport of Skijoring, and finds out if being pulled around a frozen race track on skis by a motorbike is as much fun as it sounds...


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Arctic With Bruce Parry Ep 5/5

Sunday 6 February
9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO

The aurora borealis in Norway
The aurora borealis in Norway

Bruce Parry's extraordinary Arctic expedition comes to an end as he travels to the far north of Europe.

Bruce is in north-west Russia, just south of the Arctic circle, heading deep into one of the largest ecosystems on the planet, the boreal forest. From Russia, into Alaska, Canada and Scandinavia, it stretches for thousands of miles around the northern hemisphere.

Bruce spends a week in the village of Nyukhcha, one of the most remote and traditional settlements in this part of Russia, where he finds out how important this ancient woodland is to the villagers. Life here has changed little for hundreds of years, and people still depend on the food they can gather from the woods that surround them.

Bruce then travels to northern Norway, one of the most developed parts of the Arctic, where he joins a family of Saami reindeer herders on their annual reindeer round-up. The Saami are Europe's oldest indigenous people but they are also a 21st-century tribe who use snow machines, boats and helicopters to move their animals. Bruce wants to find out whether their old ways of living can be maintained in this most modern of landscapes.

Bruce's last stop is a remote scientific community in the Svalbard archipelago. Bruce spends time with the scientists at Ny Ålesund, the nerve centre of polar research in Europe, where he learns about the fragility of the Arctic ecosystem. And, as the long winter night draws in and his journey comes to an end, Bruce is treated to the iconic Arctic spectacle of the northern lights – and the aurora borealis lights up the night sky.


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Match Of The Day 2

Sunday 6 February
10.00-11.00pm BBC TWO

Colin Murray introduces highlights of the day's two Premier League fixtures.

Chelsea entertain troubled Liverpool at Stamford Bridge, looking to avenge a 2-0 defeat at Anfield earlier this season. The other intriguing game is a repeat of the recent League Cup semi-final between West Ham and Birmingham. The two sides shared the points in an entertaining match at St Andrew's earlier this season as the Blues roared back from 2-0 down to snatch a point.


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BBC THREE Sunday 6 February 2011

Being Human – Type 4 Ep 3/8

High Definition programme
Sunday 6 February
9.00-10.00pm BBC THREE and BBC HD
Annie (Lenora Crichlow) encounters a zombie
Annie (Lenora Crichlow) encounters a zombie

While on her regular midnight stroll Annie draws the attentions of a mouthy drunk girl, Sasha, who starts ranting at her and follows her home, as the hit drama about supernatural friends continues.

With Sasha's putrid smell and rotting face, the housemates realise she's no ordinary human being, nor is she a ghost. She's a zombie: not living, not dead, instead stuck in a decomposing corpse.

Sasha is in denial about her condition and sets about flirting with Mitchell, but he's preoccupied with another person without a pulse ... Annie. Mitchell suspects Annie fancies him and is afraid of what it might mean for their friendship.

He has also attracted the attentions of a super-fan, Graham, who holds him up as a hero for the Box Tunnel 20 massacre. While seeming harmless initially, Graham's behaviour soon becomes stalker-like – and with him having so much knowledge about his idol, he could become a potential danger to the friends.

Meanwhile, George and Nina discover something potentially life-changing...

Annie is played by Lenora Crichlow, Sasha by Alexandra Roach, Mitchell by Aidan Turner, Graham by Tony Maudsley, George by Russell Tovey and Nina by Sinead Keenan.

Being Human is simulcast on the award-winning BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel available through Freesat channel 109, Freeview channel 54, Sky channel 169 and Virgin Media channel 187.


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BBC FOUR Sunday 6 February 2011

American Idol – Reagan

Sunday 6 February
9.00-10.40pm BBC FOUR (Title change 26 January)

To mark the centenary of the birth of one of the most iconic figures in recent American politics, Storyville – Reagan examines the enigmatic career of screen star and two-term US president Ronald Reagan.

He has been heralded as one of the architects of the modern world and, since his 2004 death, many Americans have been working assiduously to cement his legacy. "The Great Communicator", as he is known, has come to define contemporary conservatism and has increasingly become a standard-bearer for American "statecraft". So phenomenal has his legacy become that both Republican and Democratic politicians today continue to invoke his name to win votes.

But some critics argue that the distant aftershocks of Reaganomics continue to crumble economies the world over. They furthermore maintain that the hubris of Reagan's foreign policy continues to propel America into a cycle of overseas ventures. To such critics Reagan is an ominous figure who did more harm than good.

Between the admirers and detractors lies a third vision of a well-meaning but willing dupe. Some commentators point to the Iran-Contra affair to suggest Reagan was the glossy veneer on an executive branch that came to upset the vital balance of power on which America was founded.

But who was Ronald Reagan and how did he come to shape world politics in the way he did? Featuring in-depth interviews with those who worked with him and knew him best, Storyville – Reagan provides a definitive and penetrating look at Reaganism, whose grip on the public mind has been rekindled by recent events in Republican politics.


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